June 2003

Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
45694 Air Transport Project $94,400,000.00Department of the Environment and Water Resources 2003-06-13 SKYTRADERS PTY LTD
3522161-A1 DOMESTIC LEASES $70,255,464.92Department of Defence 2003-06-13 SANDRAN PTY LIMITED
3568545 Domestic leasing $68,922,792.67Department of Defence 2003-06-13 SANDRAN PTY LIMITED
24905 Delivery of the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) and related Services (GAPS ID: 1447109) $38,756,430.00Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) 2003-06-30 THE MARIBYRNONG AMEP CONSORTIUM
24798-A1 lease of warehouse & office accommodation for Darwin Records Management Unit (GAPS ID: 1497462) $3,322,229.11Department of Human Services 2003-06-02 P. PAPADAKIS NOMINEES PTY LTD as trustee for the Peter Papadakis Family Trust
46590-A19 IT Security: Includes Server and Maintenance $1,986,748.26Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 2003-06-25 Verizon Australia Pty Ltd
2791 Management& Support services for ADF Aerospace Ful (GAPS ID: 1378935) $1,788,043.50Department of Defence 2003-06-06 CAE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
9567-A1 Management and hosting of the Passports Australia website and provision of secure internet and payment gateway services $1,765,898.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2003-06-24 VERIZON BUSINESS
243940 Provision of software development licence and support for Case Management and Intelligence System CMIS $1,701,922.04Australian Federal Police 2003-06-30 Jade Software Corporation Pty Ltd
3404254-A2 Lease $1,603,001.00Attorney-General's Department 2003-06-05 Mirvac
2760 Management& Support services for ADF Aerospace Ful (GAPS ID: 1428153) $1,511,061.09Department of Defence 2003-06-06 CAE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
15677 Providing guarding services to the Treasury (GAPS ID: 1636794) $1,429,805.00Department of the Treasury 2003-06-01 CHUBB PROTECTIVE SERVICES
25078-A6 Lease at Colac, Victoria. EXTS04/0372-G $1,224,220.91Department of Human Services 2003-06-16 Geomin Nominees Pty Ltd ATF The Geomin Trust
407239 Property Lease $1,099,772.09Attorney-General's Department 2003-06-15 Property Advisory Australia
1235002 Property lease, Sydney $1,099,772.00Attorney-General's Department 2003-06-15 Mirvac Commercial Trust
348878-A1 Annual maintenance of Link Explorer software. Please note, this is re-published due to accidental cancellation. Original CN 194389 $1,047,235.00Australian Taxation Office 2003-06-16 Xanalys Pty Ltd
2938 Engagement of PSP for PA5276 (GAPS ID: 1363795) $571,747.00Department of Defence 2003-06-23 SERCO MAPS PTY LTD
63247-A1 Property Lease Yarralumla ACT $472,702.00Australian Federal Police 2003-06-28 Serif Kaya
374554-A1 Security Monitoring and Audit Software $407,739.60Australian Bureau of Statistics 2003-06-02 Tier-3 Pty Ltd
232576 Lease - Mackey Harbour. $375,120.00Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2003-06-21 Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
169103 Management and Administrative Services $124,976.50Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2003-06-24 THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND
21533 Provision of printers - amendement to Contract ID 1158254 (7/7/2003) (GAPS ID: 1626597) $95,786.21Family Court and Federal Circuit Court 2003-06-23 COMMANDER
61930 MOU for Cannon Hill, Queensland File Services premises $77,717.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2003-06-30 National Archives of Australia
2711 Purchase of Printer (GAPS ID: 1694484) $28,600.00Australian Institute of Family Studies 2003-06-12 FUJIXEROX AUSTRALIAN PTY LTD
105603 Software Annual Support and Maintenance $27,815.39Australian Bureau of Statistics 2003-06-02 Tier-3 Pty Limited
13349 Provide advisory services to CRS Australian staff and immediate families for Aged Care and/or Child care services. (GAPS ID: 1113450) $18,440.00CRS Australia 2003-06-01 CHILDCARE AT WORK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
103933 BRUSH CLEANING, BORE, BRONZE, NYLON AND HORSEHAIR. $17,353.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2003-06-30 THALES AUSTRALIA (ADI LTD)
87888 Washroom Services 12 months $14,850.00Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts 2003-06-13 ISS Washroom Service