June 2001

Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1695711-A15 Explosive ordnance services $1,121,368,037.75Department of Defence 2001-06-14 THALES AUSTRALIA
3516874 Building lease to CSIRO - North Ryde, NSW $281,914,599.00CSIRO 2001-06-27 Aqualand North Ryde Holding Nominee Pty Ltd
1576 ALR-62 (RWR) LOT STUDY (GAPS ID: 1416172) $19,981,608.49Department of Defence 2001-06-15 FMS ACCOUNT
232633-A2 Lease - Eastern Creek. $17,466,319.00Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry 2001-06-01 Colliers International NSW Pty Ltd
54763-A3 Property Lease Barton ACT $8,017,484.00Australian Federal Police 2001-06-20 AFP Canberra Property Pty Ltd
235082 Provision of Software (Gaps Id: 1217806 - Previous description: Protocom software) $904,200.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2001-06-07 ACTIVIDENTITY (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD
21379 Disposal of Defence land at Maribyrnong (GAPS ID: 1587202) $823,900.00Department of Defence 2001-06-29 FORESITE WSC PTY LTD
1590 ALR-62 (RWR) LOT STUDY (GAPS ID: 1419471) $321,502.66Department of Defence 2001-06-15 FMS ACCOUNT
1305-A1 Car parking - Perth (GAPS ID: 1608474) $265,622.43Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 2001-06-01 GE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
151952 Provision of media monitoring services for the Department. $132,000.00Department of Climate Change 2001-06-20 Media Monitors Pty Ltd
124709 Switchboard operators Jul-Aug 2008 $23,886.94Australian Bureau of Statistics 2001-06-29 Telstra Corporation Ltd
126928 Switchboard operator sep2008 $11,943.47Australian Bureau of Statistics 2001-06-29 Telstra Corporation Ltd