Tourism Australia

57 contracts, total value $224,649,591.27
Confidentialities: 10 contracts, 17.54%( 5 on the contract, 5 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 31 contracts, 54.39%, Open via SON 5 contracts, 8.77%, Prequalified 1 contracts, 1.75%, limited 20 contracts, 35.09%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Events management 12 $17,133,881.66
Marketing and distribution 7 $139,314,151.12
Information technology consultation services 4 $3,391,260.00
Telecommunications media services 3 $11,167,920.00
Market research 3 $4,325,250.00
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 3 $4,542,421.00
Written translation services 2 $4,039,083.00
Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications 2 $5,577,181.19
Structural building products 2 $3,853,491.00
Photographic and recording media 2 $1,279,080.30


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Mediabrands Australia Pty Ltd trading as Universal McCann (UM) 1 $120,000,000.00
Clemenger BBDO Sydney 1 $13,297,680.00
Optimum Media Direction Pty Ltd 1 $9,254,414.00
Expertise Events Pty Ltd 5 $7,793,350.00
Telstra 2 $6,200,000.00
Verizon Australia Pty Limited 2 $5,577,181.19
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre 2 $4,653,695.00
One Digital 1 $4,500,000.00
DDB Worldwide Pty Ltd 1 $4,381,321.00
ORC Aust. Pty Ltd 1 $3,615,000.00
Elevations Exhibitions and Design Ltd 1 $2,906,920.00
Perth Convention Exhibition Centre 1 $2,400,000.00
Carat Australia Media Services Pty Ltd 1 $2,283,579.00
Space-time Research Pty Ltd 3 $2,270,293.00
Adelaide Convention Centre 1 $2,146,200.00
Eclipse Group Pty Ltd 1 $2,099,439.00
GfK Australia Pty Ltd 1 $1,815,000.00
DT Digital PTY LTD 1 $1,729,200.00
UXC Eclipse 1 $1,564,688.00
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 2 $1,457,161.00
Elanex 1 $1,430,000.00
Endemol Southern Star Pty Ltd 1 $1,427,786.00
BDA Marketing Planning 1 $1,419,000.00
Ernst & Young 1 $1,325,000.00
SDL Multi-Lingual Solutions (Singapore) 1 $1,139,083.00
NWC Travel & Tourism Research 1 $1,091,250.00
Belle-Laide Events Pty Ltd 2 $1,006,143.90
VoX International Inc. 1 $889,470.24
Moorilla Estate Pty Ltd (Mona) 1 $829,353.80
Akamai Technologies Netherlands B.V 1 $792,000.00
Sydney Opera House Trust 1 $751,967.14
Tigerspike Pty Ltd 1 $740,000.00
Adobe Systems Ireland Ltd 1 $707,125.00
The Precinct Studios (Holdings) Pty Ltd 1 $704,080.30
Business Events Sydney Ltd 1 $692,721.82
Heckler Pty Ltd 1 $575,000.00
Hewlett Packard 1 $488,000.00
EMC Global Holding Company 1 $470,980.00
Prescience Technology Pty Ltd 1 $453,875.00
Al Nasher Promotion Advertising 1 $450,000.00
SymbionHR Pty Ltd 1 $416,812.00
Agility Fairs & Events Logistics P/L 1 $400,000.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3385519 Global Media Services Agreement $120,000,000.00Tourism Australia 2016-09-02 Mediabrands Australia Pty Ltd trading as Universal McCann (UM)

Global Creative Advertising - Traditional.

$13,297,680.00Tourism Australia 2013-07-01 Clemenger BBDO Sydney
411484 Global media services $9,254,414.00Tourism Australia 2011-07-01 Optimum Media Direction Pty Ltd
34515 Provision of online marketing services. $4,500,000.00Tourism Australia 2005-12-23 One Digital
103691 Global Creative Advertising Services $4,381,321.00Tourism Australia 2008-07-18 DDB Worldwide Pty Ltd
103279 Provision of National Visitors Suvey $3,615,000.00Tourism Australia 2008-01-02 ORC Aust. Pty Ltd
103277 Supply of Private and Dedicated Global Communication Services $3,318,181.19Tourism Australia 2006-05-01 Verizon Australia Pty Limited
1648441 Three year Telecoms and WAN Services Contract $3,100,000.00Tourism Australia 2013-03-11 Telstra

Three year Telecoms and WAN Services Contract

$3,100,000.00Tourism Australia 2013-03-11 Telstra Corporation Limited
3385590 Exhibition Management Services for Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) for 2016, 2017, 2018 $3,000,000.00Tourism Australia 2015-07-01 Expertise Events Pty Ltd
3449427-A1 Stand Build UK and CEU (Continental European) Offices. $2,906,920.00Tourism Australia 2017-07-01 Elevations Exhibitions and Design Ltd
3469024 a) Translation of material from English into 10 languages and 7 English language variations; b) Context review services involving a review of translated and/or localised copy once translated material is production ready. c) Quality improvement process involving a structured method to allow errors to be corrected and fed into the provider/s workflows to ensure continual improvement of resulting content; and d) Technical and development support to assist Tourism Australia';s development teams to integrate translation workflows and content into existing Adobe Marketing Cloud technologies used across the organisation. Term includes extension option of one year from expiry 30 Sep 2019. $2,900,000.00Tourism Australia 2017-11-10 LIONBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES, INC
1033141 Sydney Convention and Exhibtion Centre to hold Australian Tourism Exchange event in 2013 $2,400,000.00Tourism Australia 2013-04-21 Sydney Convetion and Exhibtion Centre Darling Harbour
446660 ATE12 Venue and catering agreement $2,400,000.00Tourism Australia 2011-09-29 Perth Convention Exhibition Centre
128222 Global Media Servcies Agreement $2,283,579.00Tourism Australia 2008-10-08 Carat Australia Media Services Pty Ltd
34557 Provision of IT Communication services. $2,259,000.00Tourism Australia 2006-05-01 Verizon Business
411197 Venue for the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) 2011 $2,253,695.00Tourism Australia 2010-08-26 Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
236078 ATE10 VEnue and Catering $2,146,200.00Tourism Australia 2009-08-27 Adelaide Convention Centre
150313 Contract with Eclipse Goup P/L for the supply of website hosting and support. $2,099,439.00Tourism Australia 2008-11-10 Eclipse Group Pty Ltd
2829142 Campaign Activity Evaluation Project for FY1415 and FY1516 with an extension option for FY1617. $1,815,000.00Tourism Australia 2014-09-12 GfK Australia Pty Ltd

Global Creative Advertsing - Digital

$1,729,200.00Tourism Australia 2013-07-01 DT Digital PTY LTD

Provision of IT services - BSR

$1,564,688.00Tourism Australia 2013-11-22 UXC Eclipse
249446 Language Translation Services $1,430,000.00Tourism Australia 2009-10-26 Elanex
411177 No Leave No Life TV Series 2 Production $1,427,786.00Tourism Australia 2010-08-02 Endemol Southern Star Pty Ltd
473807 Consumer demand research project 2011/12 and 2012/13 $1,419,000.00Tourism Australia 2012-03-06 BDA Marketing Planning
3458560 Full -service representation agency to deliver an integrated market representation arrangement for Tourism Australia in France. $1,375,996.88Tourism Australia 2017-10-03 ARTICLE ONZE TOURISME
516352 ATE 13-15 Exhibition Management Services $1,351,900.00Tourism Australia 2012-07-01 Expertise Events
1648451 ATE 2013-2015 Exhibition Management Fees $1,351,900.00Tourism Australia 2012-07-01 Expertise Events Pty Ltd
236074 Exhibition Management Services for Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) 2010-2012 $1,350,000.00Tourism Australia 2009-08-17 Expertise Events Pty Ltd
3447250 Internal Audit Services $1,325,000.00Tourism Australia 2017-07-01 Ernst & Young
3447581 Brazil & Latin America Trade & Marketing Representation $1,282,254.00Tourism Australia 2016-08-22 RGS ASSESSORIA EM GASTAO EMPRESARIAL LTDA
459734 Language translation services $1,139,083.00Tourism Australia 2011-12-15 SDL Multi-Lingual Solutions (Singapore)
34549 Provision of research data collection services. $1,091,250.00Tourism Australia 2007-01-01 NWC Travel & Tourism Research
514162 Provision of support, hosting and projects for $971,441.00Tourism Australia 2011-11-11 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
229360 Software license and suport STR for Tourism Research Australia $955,885.00Tourism Australia 2009-06-22 Space-time Research Pty Ltd
3458561 Design, construction, assembly and storage of the Tourism Australia Business Events stand for the IMEX America convention. $946,571.00Tourism Australia 2017-08-31 GLOBAL EXPERIENCE SPECIALISTS, INC.
3485393 Canada Trade Representation, including: a) Representing Tourism Australia to the travel Industry and Australian government bodies in Canada. b) Implementation of travel distribution and partnerships including agent training, trade familiarization trips and co-operative activity with trade partners. c) Provision of market intelligence and reporting, and strategy input into Tourism Australia';s Annual Operating Plan (the Annual Operating Plan) as it relates to the Canadian market. d) Running of Tourism Australia';s Aussie Specialist Program in Canada including recruitment, training and reporting. $889,470.24Tourism Australia 2018-02-01 VoX International Inc.
2829432 Invite The World To Dinner Gala Event in Tasmania. $829,353.80Tourism Australia 2014-09-26 Moorilla Estate Pty Ltd (Mona)
155345 Assist Tourism Australia with design, implementation and testing of on the Akamai Platform $792,000.00Tourism Australia 2008-11-19 Akamai Technologies Netherlands B.V
411474 Hire of focourt for the Oprah's ultimate australian experience $751,967.14Tourism Australia 2010-11-01 Sydney Opera House Trust
732191 Mobile Nothing Like Australia site and expansion of $740,000.00Tourism Australia 2011-04-18 Tigerspike Pty Ltd

The scope, build and onsite management of a Hoecker Structure for ATE 2014.

$739,550.00Tourism Australia 2013-10-29 Expertise Events
2828872 Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Social. $707,125.00Tourism Australia 2012-02-11 Adobe Systems Ireland Ltd
2829452 Restaurant Australia TV Show - The Chef Story. $704,080.30Tourism Australia 2014-11-05 The Precinct Studios (Holdings) Pty Ltd
236075 Provision of services as Host Destination for Dreamtime 2009 $692,721.82Tourism Australia 2009-09-21 Business Events Sydney Ltd

Provision of SuperSTAR+ software.

$657,204.00Tourism Australia 2005-06-01 Space-Time Research Pty Ltd
155358 SuperSTAR+software suite $657,204.00Tourism Australia 2005-06-01 Space-time Research Pty Ltd
2828982 The Indigenous Filming Project that aims to create a suite of Aboriginal films to support marketing activity globally. $575,000.00Tourism Australia 2014-06-24 Heckler Pty Ltd
2828952 Event Management Services for Farewell Function at ATE 2014. $566,143.90Tourism Australia 2014-04-04 Belle-Laide Events Pty Ltd
411237 Purchase of HP Equipment $488,000.00Tourism Australia 2010-09-01 Hewlett Packard
446676 Provision of support, hosting and projects for $485,720.00Tourism Australia 2011-11-11 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
411476 Enterprise Storage Area Network Infrastructure $470,980.00Tourism Australia 2011-06-01 EMC Global Holding Company
1648461 Prescience - Oracle Functional Development, Support and Service Delivery Services $453,875.00Tourism Australia 2012-07-01 Prescience Technology Pty Ltd
34543 Public relation services in the Gulf Countries. $450,000.00Tourism Australia 2005-12-01 Al Nasher Promotion Advertising
3449425 Dreamtime 2017 Events Management Services. $440,000.00Tourism Australia 2017-05-30 Belle-Laide Events Pty Ltd
1648571 Open Text Red Dot Develpment for and Digital Integration Projects $416,812.00Tourism Australia 2012-08-27 SymbionHR Pty Ltd
128840 Freight management services provider to ATE 2008, ATE 2009 and Dreamtime 2008 $400,000.00Tourism Australia 2008-02-13 Agility Fairs & Events Logistics P/L