Tourism Australia

58 contracts, total value $222,708,936.22
Confidentialities: 10 contracts, 17.24%( 5 on the contract, 5 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 28 contracts, 48.28%, Open via SON 9 contracts, 15.52%, Prequalified 1 contracts, 1.72%, limited 20 contracts, 34.48%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Events management 12 $17,213,881.66
Marketing and distribution 8 $138,864,131.74
Information technology consultation services 4 $3,391,260.00
Telecommunications media services 3 $11,167,920.00
Market research 3 $4,325,250.00
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 3 $4,542,421.00
Written translation services 2 $3,072,416.33
Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications 2 $5,577,181.19
Structural building products 2 $3,779,522.00
Photographic and recording media 2 $1,279,080.30


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Mediabrands Australia Pty Ltd trading as Universal McCann (UM) 1 $120,000,000.00
Clemenger BBDO Sydney 1 $13,297,680.00
Optimum Media Direction Pty Ltd 1 $9,254,414.00
Expertise Events Pty Ltd 5 $7,793,350.00
Telstra 2 $6,200,000.00
Verizon Australia Pty Limited 2 $5,577,181.19
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre 2 $4,653,695.00
One Digital 1 $4,500,000.00
DDB Worldwide Pty Ltd 1 $4,381,321.00
ORC Aust. Pty Ltd 1 $3,615,000.00
Elevations Exhibitions and Design Ltd 1 $2,906,920.00
Perth Convention Exhibition Centre 1 $2,400,000.00
Carat Australia Media Services Pty Ltd 1 $2,283,579.00
Space-time Research Pty Ltd 3 $2,270,293.00
Adelaide Convention Centre 1 $2,146,200.00
Eclipse Group Pty Ltd 1 $2,099,439.00
GfK Australia Pty Ltd 1 $1,815,000.00
DT Digital PTY LTD 1 $1,729,200.00
UXC Eclipse 1 $1,564,688.00
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 2 $1,457,161.00
Elanex 1 $1,430,000.00
Endemol Southern Star Pty Ltd 1 $1,427,786.00
BDA Marketing Planning 1 $1,419,000.00
SDL Multi-Lingual Solutions (Singapore) 1 $1,139,083.00
NWC Travel & Tourism Research 1 $1,091,250.00
Belle-Laide Events Pty Ltd 2 $1,086,143.90
VoX International Inc. 1 $889,470.24
Moorilla Estate Pty Ltd (Mona) 1 $829,353.80
Ernst & Young 1 $795,000.00
Akamai Technologies Netherlands B.V 1 $792,000.00
Sydney Opera House Trust 1 $751,967.14
Tigerspike Pty Ltd 1 $740,000.00
Adobe Systems Ireland Ltd 1 $707,125.00
The Precinct Studios (Holdings) Pty Ltd 1 $704,080.30
Business Events Sydney Ltd 1 $692,721.82
Heckler Pty Ltd 1 $575,000.00
Hewlett Packard 1 $488,000.00
EMC Global Holding Company 1 $470,980.00
Prescience Technology Pty Ltd 1 $453,875.00
Al Nasher Promotion Advertising 1 $450,000.00
SymbionHR Pty Ltd 1 $416,812.00
Agility Fairs & Events Logistics P/L 1 $400,000.00
TOURISM HUB 1 $295,392.50


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3385519 Global Media Services Agreement $120,000,000.00Tourism Australia 2016-09-02 Mediabrands Australia Pty Ltd trading as Universal McCann (UM)

Global Creative Advertising - Traditional.

$13,297,680.00Tourism Australia 2013-07-01 Clemenger BBDO Sydney
411484 Global media services $9,254,414.00Tourism Australia 2011-07-01 Optimum Media Direction Pty Ltd
34515 Provision of online marketing services. $4,500,000.00Tourism Australia 2005-12-23 One Digital
103691 Global Creative Advertising Services $4,381,321.00Tourism Australia 2008-07-18 DDB Worldwide Pty Ltd
103279 Provision of National Visitors Suvey $3,615,000.00Tourism Australia 2008-01-02 ORC Aust. Pty Ltd
103277 Supply of Private and Dedicated Global Communication Services $3,318,181.19Tourism Australia 2006-05-01 Verizon Australia Pty Limited

Three year Telecoms and WAN Services Contract

$3,100,000.00Tourism Australia 2013-03-11 Telstra Corporation Limited
1648441 Three year Telecoms and WAN Services Contract $3,100,000.00Tourism Australia 2013-03-11 Telstra
3385590 Exhibition Management Services for Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) for 2016, 2017, 2018 $3,000,000.00Tourism Australia 2015-07-01 Expertise Events Pty Ltd
3449427-A1 Stand Build UK and CEU (Continental European) Offices. $2,906,920.00Tourism Australia 2017-07-01 Elevations Exhibitions and Design Ltd
1033141 Sydney Convention and Exhibtion Centre to hold Australian Tourism Exchange event in 2013 $2,400,000.00Tourism Australia 2013-04-21 Sydney Convetion and Exhibtion Centre Darling Harbour
446660 ATE12 Venue and catering agreement $2,400,000.00Tourism Australia 2011-09-29 Perth Convention Exhibition Centre
128222 Global Media Servcies Agreement $2,283,579.00Tourism Australia 2008-10-08 Carat Australia Media Services Pty Ltd
34557 Provision of IT Communication services. $2,259,000.00Tourism Australia 2006-05-01 Verizon Business
411197 Venue for the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) 2011 $2,253,695.00Tourism Australia 2010-08-26 Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
236078 ATE10 VEnue and Catering $2,146,200.00Tourism Australia 2009-08-27 Adelaide Convention Centre
150313 Contract with Eclipse Goup P/L for the supply of website hosting and support. $2,099,439.00Tourism Australia 2008-11-10 Eclipse Group Pty Ltd
3469024-A1 a) Translation of material from English into 10 languages and 7 English language variations; b) Context review services involving a review of translated and/or localised copy once translated material is production ready. c) Quality improvement process involving a structured method to allow errors to be corrected and fed into the provider/s workflows to ensure continual improvement of resulting content; and d) Technical and development support to assist Tourism Australia';s development teams to integrate translation workflows and content into existing Adobe Marketing Cloud technologies used across the organisation. Term includes extension option of one year from expiry 30 Sep 2019. $1,933,333.33Tourism Australia 2017-11-10 LIONBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES, INC
2829142 Campaign Activity Evaluation Project for FY1415 and FY1516 with an extension option for FY1617. $1,815,000.00Tourism Australia 2014-09-12 GfK Australia Pty Ltd

Global Creative Advertsing - Digital

$1,729,200.00Tourism Australia 2013-07-01 DT Digital PTY LTD

Provision of IT services - BSR

$1,564,688.00Tourism Australia 2013-11-22 UXC Eclipse
249446 Language Translation Services $1,430,000.00Tourism Australia 2009-10-26 Elanex
411177 No Leave No Life TV Series 2 Production $1,427,786.00Tourism Australia 2010-08-02 Endemol Southern Star Pty Ltd
473807 Consumer demand research project 2011/12 and 2012/13 $1,419,000.00Tourism Australia 2012-03-06 BDA Marketing Planning
516352 ATE 13-15 Exhibition Management Services $1,351,900.00Tourism Australia 2012-07-01 Expertise Events
1648451 ATE 2013-2015 Exhibition Management Fees $1,351,900.00Tourism Australia 2012-07-01 Expertise Events Pty Ltd
236074 Exhibition Management Services for Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) 2010-2012 $1,350,000.00Tourism Australia 2009-08-17 Expertise Events Pty Ltd
459734 Language translation services $1,139,083.00Tourism Australia 2011-12-15 SDL Multi-Lingual Solutions (Singapore)
34549 Provision of research data collection services. $1,091,250.00Tourism Australia 2007-01-01 NWC Travel & Tourism Research
3447581-A1 Brazil & Latin America Trade & Marketing Representation $1,022,569.00Tourism Australia 2016-08-22 RGS ASSESSORIA EM GASTAO EMPRESARIAL LTDA
514162 Provision of support, hosting and projects for $971,441.00Tourism Australia 2011-11-11 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
229360 Software license and suport STR for Tourism Research Australia $955,885.00Tourism Australia 2009-06-22 Space-time Research Pty Ltd
3458560-A1 Full -service representation agency to deliver an integrated market representation arrangement for Tourism Australia in France. 1 x 1 year option to extend. $890,270.00Tourism Australia 2017-10-03 ARTICLE ONZE TOURISME
3485393 Canada Trade Representation, including: a) Representing Tourism Australia to the travel Industry and Australian government bodies in Canada. b) Implementation of travel distribution and partnerships including agent training, trade familiarization trips and co-operative activity with trade partners. c) Provision of market intelligence and reporting, and strategy input into Tourism Australia';s Annual Operating Plan (the Annual Operating Plan) as it relates to the Canadian market. d) Running of Tourism Australia';s Aussie Specialist Program in Canada including recruitment, training and reporting. $889,470.24Tourism Australia 2018-02-01 VoX International Inc.
3458561-A1 Design, construction, assembly and storage of the Tourism Australia Business Events stand for the IMEX America convention. $872,602.00Tourism Australia 2017-08-31 GLOBAL EXPERIENCE SPECIALISTS, INC.
2829432 Invite The World To Dinner Gala Event in Tasmania. $829,353.80Tourism Australia 2014-09-26 Moorilla Estate Pty Ltd (Mona)
3447250-A1 - Internal Audit Services. - 2 x 1 year optional extensions. $795,000.00Tourism Australia 2017-07-01 Ernst & Young
155345 Assist Tourism Australia with design, implementation and testing of on the Akamai Platform $792,000.00Tourism Australia 2008-11-19 Akamai Technologies Netherlands B.V
411474 Hire of focourt for the Oprah's ultimate australian experience $751,967.14Tourism Australia 2010-11-01 Sydney Opera House Trust
732191 Mobile Nothing Like Australia site and expansion of $740,000.00Tourism Australia 2011-04-18 Tigerspike Pty Ltd

The scope, build and onsite management of a Hoecker Structure for ATE 2014.

$739,550.00Tourism Australia 2013-10-29 Expertise Events
2828872 Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Social. $707,125.00Tourism Australia 2012-02-11 Adobe Systems Ireland Ltd
2829452 Restaurant Australia TV Show - The Chef Story. $704,080.30Tourism Australia 2014-11-05 The Precinct Studios (Holdings) Pty Ltd
236075 Provision of services as Host Destination for Dreamtime 2009 $692,721.82Tourism Australia 2009-09-21 Business Events Sydney Ltd

Provision of SuperSTAR+ software.

$657,204.00Tourism Australia 2005-06-01 Space-Time Research Pty Ltd
155358 SuperSTAR+software suite $657,204.00Tourism Australia 2005-06-01 Space-time Research Pty Ltd
2828982 The Indigenous Filming Project that aims to create a suite of Aboriginal films to support marketing activity globally. $575,000.00Tourism Australia 2014-06-24 Heckler Pty Ltd
2828952 Event Management Services for Farewell Function at ATE 2014. $566,143.90Tourism Australia 2014-04-04 Belle-Laide Events Pty Ltd
3449425-A1 Dreamtime 2017 Events Management Services. $520,000.00Tourism Australia 2017-05-30 Belle-Laide Events Pty Ltd
411237 Purchase of HP Equipment $488,000.00Tourism Australia 2010-09-01 Hewlett Packard
446676 Provision of support, hosting and projects for $485,720.00Tourism Australia 2011-11-11 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
411476 Enterprise Storage Area Network Infrastructure $470,980.00Tourism Australia 2011-06-01 EMC Global Holding Company
1648461 Prescience - Oracle Functional Development, Support and Service Delivery Services $453,875.00Tourism Australia 2012-07-01 Prescience Technology Pty Ltd
34543 Public relation services in the Gulf Countries. $450,000.00Tourism Australia 2005-12-01 Al Nasher Promotion Advertising
1648571 Open Text Red Dot Develpment for and Digital Integration Projects $416,812.00Tourism Australia 2012-08-27 SymbionHR Pty Ltd
128840 Freight management services provider to ATE 2008, ATE 2009 and Dreamtime 2008 $400,000.00Tourism Australia 2008-02-13 Agility Fairs & Events Logistics P/L
3528999 Tourism Australia';s Frankfurt office requires the local knowledge and expertise of a full-service representation agency to deliver an integrated market representation arrangement i.e. trade marketing, stakeholder relations, distribution, Aussie Specialist Program (ASP) training and public relations for Tourism Australia based in Italy. Tourism Australia may at its sole discretion elect to extend this Agreement for a further three (3) one-year terms as follows: First Extension Period: Commencing on 1 July 2019 and concluding on 30 June 2020 Second Extension Period: Commencing on 1 July 2020 and concluding on 30 June 2021 Third Extension Period: Commencing on 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022 Tourism Australia does not in any way guarantee the election on Extension Periods. $295,392.50Tourism Australia 2018-07-01 TOURISM HUB