Organ and Tissue Authority

50 contracts, total value $3,642,385.67
Consultancies: 4 contracts, 8.00%
Procurement methods: Open 6 contracts, 12.00%, Open via SON 13 contracts, 26.00%, Prequalified 6 contracts, 12.00%, limited 25 contracts, 50.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 7 $223,006.85
Internet services 6 $177,300.20
Education and Training Services 5 $350,800.00
Graphic design 3 $169,660.00
Promotional merchandise 3 $245,052.10
Printing 3 $51,643.90
Public relation services 3 $514,228.44
Software maintenance and support 2 $75,292.56
Legal services 2 $128,730.00
Warehouse stores 2 $82,500.00

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Development, support and maintenance services of the DonateLife website... 1 $21,340.00
Digital Services Professionals ( 1 $51,108.20
Digital Marketplace Panel ( 1 $20,152.00
Public Relations Services 1 $75,361.44


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Optus Networks Pty Limited 3 $535,658.36
Think HQ 2 $438,867.00
ICMS Australasia Pty Limited 1 $331,560.00
Libero Digital Pty Ltd 1 $232,650.00
Proof Research Pty Ltd 1 $171,523.00
InfoCapital 3 $152,879.41
Transplant Connect 6 $145,420.00
Wisdom Learning Pty Ltd 1 $143,000.00
Janison Solutions Pty Ltd 1 $138,650.00
HWL Ebsworth 2 $128,730.00
National Promotions Australia 1 $117,000.00
National Mailing and Marketing 3 $115,500.00
Helen Golding 2 $101,890.00
Oxide Interactive 3 $98,760.20
Grasshopper Promotional Australia 1 $96,482.10
Studio Elevenses 2 $89,760.00
Stuart Pettigrew Design 1 $79,900.00
The Truth Agency 1 $75,361.44
Sensory7 Pty Ltd 2 $57,200.00
Endeavour Training and Development Pty Ltd 1 $55,000.00
Michelle Stewart Counselling 1 $50,910.00
iSentia Pty Limited 1 $49,430.26
PriceWaterhouse Coopers 1 $44,000.00
Banatex Cleaning and Maintenance Services 1 $33,000.00
Intandem 1 $31,570.00
Antinomies 1 $30,250.00
Adelphi Digital Consulting Group Pty Ltd 1 $21,340.00
Union Offset Printers 1 $19,613.00
Print Media Group 1 $16,940.00
New Millennium Print 1 $15,090.90
Exhibition Centre 1 $14,000.00
McLeod Marketing and Management 1 $10,450.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1771981-A2 Contract for the provision of Data Centre Infrastructure (including Electronic Donor Record Readiness) as a managed service. $487,857.70Organ and Tissue Authority 2013-08-09 Optus Networks Pty Ltd
3517996 Management of the 2019 Donation and Transplantation Conference $331,560.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-05-31 ICMS Australasia Pty Limited
3465729 PR Services for DonateLife Week 2018, Thank you Day 2017 and ad hoc activity. $296,967.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-10-30 Think HQ Pty Ltd
3442623 Discovery phase to scope the development of a new register $232,650.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2016-09-20 Libero Digital Pty Ltd
3507592 Development and management of the Donor Family Study $171,523.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-05-22 Proof Research Pty Ltd
3514756 Development of national compentency standards for Donation Specialist Coordinators and Donation Specialist Nurse Coordinators $143,000.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-06-19 Wisdom Learning Pty Ltd
3440578-A1 Public Relations services for DonateLife Week 2017 $141,900.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-06-01 Think HQ
3496171 Ongoing support of the Janison Cloud Learning System $138,650.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-04-09 Janison Solutions Pty Ltd
3457536 Production of DonateLife promotional materials. $117,000.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-08-02 National Promotions Australia
3481600 External legal services in regard to a range of projects for the Organ and Tissue Authority $110,000.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-12-20 HWL Ebsworth
3443239 Production of promotional items $96,482.10Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-02-01 Grasshopper Promotional Australia
3460334 Graphic design services for whole of agency. $79,900.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-10-11 Stuart Pettigrew Design
3442545 IBM SPSS Modeller Professional user licences and subscription to maintenance and support $77,586.85Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-06-16 InfoCapital
3442717-A1 Public Relations Services for the OTA's National Community Awareness and Education Campaign $75,361.44Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-02-02 The Truth Agency
3481601 Delivery of ad-hoc corporate and general design services. $60,500.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-01-10 The Trustee for Elevenses Unit Trust, trading as Studio Elevenses
3514751 Redevelopment of the DonateLife Network online orientation module $55,000.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-06-12 Endeavour Training and Development Pty Ltd
3517754 Warehousing and distribution services $55,000.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-06-22 National Mail and Marketing Pty Limited
3442525 Workshop facilitation services for the OTA's Professional Education Package $52,610.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-07-01 Helen Golding
3517320 Support and maintenance for four concurrent user licences for IBM SPSS Modeler Professional $52,397.84Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-07-01 InfoCapital Pty Ltd
3442537 Design, development and implementation of the DonateLife Website homepage takeover, mini-site and registration form $51,108.20Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-06-15 Oxide Interactive
3442527 Workshop facilitation services for the OTA's Professional Education Package $50,910.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-07-01 Michelle Stewart Counselling
3517847 Delivery of media monitoring services $49,430.26Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-06-26 iSentia Pty Limited
3517749 Workshop facilitation services to deliver training modules as part of PEP workshops $49,280.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-06-26 Helen Golding
3465905 Build of new AODR registration channel. $47,190.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-10-25 Sensory7 Pty Ltd
3475920 Delivery of internal audit functions $44,000.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-12-18 PriceWaterhouse Coopers
3489932 Additional data storage capacity for the OTA's data centre infrastructure $34,600.66Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-02-12 Optus Networks Pty Limited
3520154 Cleaning and maintenance services at the OTA's premises $33,000.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-06-29 Banatex Cleaning and Maintenance Services
3442637 Warehousing and distribution services $33,000.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2016-05-05 National Mailing and Marketing
3494150 Production of promotional items for DonateLife Week 2018 $31,570.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-02-26 Intandem
3517941 Conduct a review of key objective: Raise community awareness and stakeholder engagement across Australia to promote organ and tissue donation $30,250.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-04-27 Antinomies
3460033 Customisation modifications to the Electronic Donor Record. $30,240.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-09-29 Transplant Connect
3499153 Design, indexing and printing services for the OTA's 2017-18 Annual Report $29,260.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-04-19 Studio Elevenses
3480064 Customisations to the Electronic Donor Record, as part of the 2018R1 EDR update. $27,720.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-01-18 Transplant Connect
3496174 Customisations to the EDR as part of the 2018R2 update. $27,720.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-04-09 Transplant Connect
3440580 Warehousing and distribution of promotional and printed resources. $27,500.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-06-27 National Mailing and Marketing
3517748 Content writing for the redevloped OTA website $27,500.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-06-20 Oxide Interactive
3494152 Initial system validation documentation in support of the EDR Eye Module build $25,000.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-03-21 Transplant Connect
3494151 Concurrent SPSS Modeller licence including one year subscription and support $22,894.72Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-03-21 Info Capital
3442634 Ongoing support and maintenance of the DonateLife website, including 24/7 support for DonateLife week $21,340.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-06-30 Adelphi Digital Consulting Group Pty Ltd
3465903 Development of functionality for donor registration form. $20,152.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-10-26 Oxide Interactive
3442638 Printing of AODR brochures $19,613.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2016-05-05 Union Offset Printers
3460032 Development of a Hybrid Shared Contract Managment approach to the Electronic Donor Record. $19,200.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-08-10 Transplant Connect
3517991 External legal advice in regard to commercial lease terms and existing lease arrangements $18,730.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-06-14 HWL Ebsworth
3442531 Printing of AODR brochures $16,940.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-05-29 Print Media Group
3460030 Customisation modifications to the Electronic Donor Record. $15,540.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-07-19 Transplant Connect
3457547 Production of printed resources. $15,090.90Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-09-14 New Millennium Print
3440579 Pull up banners to support DonateLife Week 2017 activities $14,000.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-06-27 Exhibition Centre
3475824 Delivery of mobile voice and data carriage services and mobile phone handsets for a period of two years. $13,200.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-10-19 Optus Networks Pty Limited
3443231 Editorial services for the OTA's 2016-17 annual report $10,450.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2017-05-18 McLeod Marketing and Management
3494154 Implementation of changes relating to the DonateLife Audit application $10,010.00Organ and Tissue Authority 2018-02-23 Sensory7 Pty Ltd