Commonwealth Grants Commission

64 contracts, total value $5,261,551.93
Consultancies: 22 contracts, 34.38%
Confidentialities: 19 contracts, 29.69%( 11 on the contract, 8 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 18 contracts, 28.13%, Open via SON 6 contracts, 9.38%, Prequalified 13 contracts, 20.31%, limited 27 contracts, 42.19%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Computer Equipment and Accessories 6 $191,701.03
Business intelligence consulting services 4 $203,421.40
Data services 3 $52,300.50
Economic analysis 3 $124,980.00
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 3 $77,572.40
Human resources services 3 $232,870.00
Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories 3 $77,166.00
Computer services 2 $66,000.00
Audit services 2 $53,736.00
General building and office cleaning and maintenance services 2 $110,677.69

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Secure Internet Gateway Services 1 $179,190.00
Supply electricity to Commonwealth Government agencies in ACT 1 $120,000.00
Head Agreement for the Provision of Certain Desktop Hardware and... 1 $11,302.50
Whole of Government Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR)... 1 $10,865.00
Whole of Government (WoG) Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS) Panel... 1 $18,000.00
SON - photocopiers and support agreements. 1 $11,155.00


Supplier Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Joleta Pty Limited & Leslie Raymond Bowyer 1 $2,278,700.00
Qantas Airways Limited 1 $500,000.00
Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd 3 $232,870.00
Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd 1 $179,190.00
Ultra Care Cleaning Services 3 $177,927.69
Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd 1 $157,711.40
Blackett Commercial Pty Ltd 1 $146,680.00
Correct Communications Pty Ltd 2 $143,552.40
ActewAGL 1 $120,000.00
Dell Australia Pty Limited 3 $102,275.97
Pottinger Co Pty Ltd 1 $80,000.00
Flinders University of South Australia 1 $76,230.00
The University of Melbourne (UMEE Ltd) 1 $52,853.00
Australian Institute of Health & Welfare 3 $52,300.50
Australian Bureau of Statistics 2 $52,120.00
University of South Australia 1 $50,000.00
McGrath Nicol & Partners 1 $50,000.00
Blake Dawson 2 $49,362.50
ACER Computers Australia 1 $47,111.06
Australian national University 2 $45,750.00
Datavoice Communications Pty Ltd 1 $45,165.00
TransAct Capital Communications 2 $43,400.00
Glenn Pure 3 $43,310.00
KPMG Australia 1 $36,830.00
Data#3 2 $33,833.50
Department of Finance 1 $33,766.00
Iron Mountain Australia Pty Ltd 1 $33,489.50
Dr Arthur McHugh 1 $30,000.00
AOT Group Ltd 1 $30,000.00
UXC Connect Pty Ltd 1 $28,044.83
Hewlett Packard 1 $27,682.45
Rutledgeav 1 $26,769.11
Dimension Data 1 $21,616.22
Geoscience Australia 1 $21,580.00
Squiz Australia Pty Ltd 1 $21,542.40
Complete Office Supplies Pty Ltd 1 $18,000.00
Christine Butterfield 1 $16,906.00
Malcolm Nicholas 1 $16,000.00
Robert Wills 1 $15,660.00
Grace Information Management 1 $15,500.00
Dominic Downie & Associates Pty Ltd 1 $15,400.00
Wizard Computer Training 1 $12,276.00
NATSEM at the University of Canberra 1 $11,825.00
Staples Technology Solutions 1 $11,743.90
Ethan Group Pty Ltd 1 $11,302.50
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd 1 $11,155.00
Mind Resources Pty Ltd 1 $10,120.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3284878 Lease of Level 2, Phoenix House, 86-88 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon ACT 2612 $2,278,700.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-07-01 Joleta Pty Limited & Leslie Raymond Bowyer
42596 Travel management  and service provision $500,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2007-10-01 Qantas Airways Limited
3380290 Secure Internet Gteway Services $179,190.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2016-09-30 Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd
3422916 Development of a model or models that can be used to assess state and territory urban transport recurrent and infrastructure expenditure. $157,711.40Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-04-26 Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd
3140152 Fitout and office refurbishment $146,680.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-05-11 Blackett Commercial Pty Ltd
3367967 Electricity supply-utilities $120,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2016-07-01 ActewAGL
2426292-A1 Provision of Payroll Services $100,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2014-04-15 Aurion Corporation PTY LTD
1249421 Consultancy to provide advice on the effects of interstate differences in the physical environment on state government spending. $80,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-01-29 Pottinger Co Pty Ltd
3335219 Hardware Replacement and upgrade including hardware, storage, networking and virtualization infrastructure. $79,041.82Commonwealth Grants Commission 2016-03-18 Correct Communications Pty Ltd
3284799 Consultancy to provide significant empirical and theoretical evidence to resolve a range of state and territory concerns with the assessment of wage costs and to assist the Commission to make a judgement about the future of the assessment $76,230.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-08-03 Flinders University of South Australia
410655-A1 Outsourced Payroll System $75,870.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2011-04-20 Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd
337807-A1 Cleaning Services and supplies $67,250.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2010-07-26 Ultra Care Cleaning Services
3409520 Computer hardware, software, support and installation services. $64,510.58Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-02-24 Correct Communications Pty Ltd
3140142 Provision of cleaning services to leased premises $59,035.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-07-01 Chrysollie Pty Ltd Tas Ultra Care Cleaning Services
192574 Provision of outsourced Human Resources Services $57,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-07-01 Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd
223463 Consultancy for Modelling of Post-Compulsory School Enrolments Assessment $52,853.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-08-13 The University of Melbourne (UMEE Ltd)
1642171 Provision of cleaning services and provision of consumable products for 2 years. $51,642.69Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-07-29 Ultra Care Cleaning Services
156726 Service provision in the development of a transport services assessment $50,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-02-05 University of South Australia

QA Consultancy for calculation audits and compliancy

$50,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2007-09-15 McGrath Nicol & Partners
474039 Computer Equipment and accessories x 37 $47,111.06Commonwealth Grants Commission 2012-03-23 ACER Computers Australia
3140782 Voice services - telephones $45,165.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-06-12 Datavoice Communications Pty Ltd
3424348 WoG ICT Harware Procurment Panel Optiplex 7050 Small Form Factor CTO x 35 $42,037.77Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-04-10 Dell Australia Pty Limited
24673 data provision until June 2009 (GAPS ID: 1522890) $42,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2005-07-01 AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF STATISTICS
180066 Audit of CGC Assessment System $36,830.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-04-28 KPMG Australia
3436232 Consultancy on Tax Elasticities and State revenue bases $35,750.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-06-22 Australian national University
128906 Examination of Interstate differences in transactions subject to stamp duty on conveyances $35,200.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-09-01 Blake Dawson

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise OLP LN Local Gov

$35,029.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-09-16 Dell Computer Pty Limited
3336889-A1 Project to install 24 core lead-in to Commonwealth Greants Commission - ICON Project $33,766.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2016-03-30 Department of Finance
135706 Records Management - File Sentencing Project & storing $33,489.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-08-30 Iron Mountain Australia Pty Ltd
243838 Audit of decision making processes in the 2010 Review. $30,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-11-02 Dr Arthur McHugh
3464956 Accommodation Program Management Services for the Australian Government $30,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-10-16 AOT Group Ltd
1642211 Computer Equipment and accessories $28,044.83Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-06-27 UXC Connect Pty Ltd
3422903 Carriage services for voice and internet communications. $28,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-05-03 Transact Capital Communications Pty Ltd
474035 HP z800 Workstations and and associated hardware $27,682.45Commonwealth Grants Commission 2012-03-22 Hewlett Packard
3486192 Conference room AV Equipment upgrade including ineractive touch screen $26,769.11Commonwealth Grants Commission 2018-02-09 Rutledgeav
3424349 WoG ICT Hardware Procurement Panel Alienware Aurora R6 Desktop x 5 $25,208.70Commonwealth Grants Commission 2017-04-10 Dell Australia Pty Limited
24393 Data on commercial rent (GAPS ID: 1522893) $24,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2005-07-01 AUSTRALIAN VALUATION OFFICE
474031 Supply of Office Software, Licences and support x 45 $22,968.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2012-03-22 Data#3
1642181 Computer Hardware and related equipment $21,616.22Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-06-25 Dimension Data
1312861 Provision of data, indicators & advice on the measurement of topographic features in all States and Territories of Australia. $21,580.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-03-18 Geoscience Australia
255298 Website Hosting Plan (Hosting Software on exclusive server) $21,542.40Commonwealth Grants Commission 2010-02-01 Squiz Australia Pty Ltd
180070 Data for Admitted Patient Expenses by SDC 2004-2007 $20,612.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-04-23 Australian Institute of Health & Welfare

Expertise in the calculation of disability factors, assessed expenses and the manipulation of data for Suitability for input into the Commission's Assessment System

$18,310.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2014-04-28 Glenn Pure
798451-A1 Office Supplies and Stationery. $18,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2012-08-02 Complete Office Supplies Pty Ltd
2878952 Audit of calculations and assessment checks for 2015 review external review $16,906.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-01-23 Christine Butterfield
3321615 Report on What States do in relation to the provision of transport services and infrastructure for the 2020 review. $16,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2016-02-22 Malcolm Nicholas
247469 Admitted patient services expenses date and housing services data $15,876.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-11-25 Australian Institute of Health & Welfare
1313141 Public Housing, Indigenous Housing & Community Housing Data. $15,812.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-03-26 Australian Institute Of Health & Welfare
258525 Auditing of Commission Assessment Calculations for the 2010 Review. $15,660.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2010-01-04 Robert Wills
2963082-A1 Packing, transportation & storage of Documents for up to 5 years. $15,500.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-04-01 Grace Information Management
2645451 Provide written report on the conseptual validity of the Commission's proposed health assessment for the 2015 review. $15,400.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2014-11-03 Dominic Downie & Associates Pty Ltd
1682051 Provision of voice and data services $15,400.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2013-08-01 TransAct Capital Communications
233201 Consultancy - Legal Advice on interstate differences in land tax $14,162.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-09-07 Blake Dawson
2799632 External Audit of Calculations used for 2015 review $13,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-01-05 Glenn Pure
128914 Computer Upgrade Training Microsoft 2007 $12,276.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-09-15 Wizard Computer Training
2638241 Assist with drafting the Commission's final report on GST Sharing relativities responding to the terms of reference. $12,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2014-10-20 Glenn Pure

Econometric Consultancy

$11,825.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2014-05-06 NATSEM at the University of Canberra
2837912 Computer Hardware & accessories $11,743.90Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-02-03 Staples Technology Solutions
3306925 15 x 27 Monitors with 4 year warranty $11,302.50Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-11-10 Ethan Group Pty Ltd
758171 Office Machines and maintenance agreements. $11,155.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2012-06-05 Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
3257562 Microsoft visual studio premium software assurance license $10,865.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-07-01 Data#3
3257642 Microdata subscriptions 2015-16 $10,120.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2015-07-06 Australian Bureau of Statistics
180052 On line Learning Portal & Training $10,120.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2009-04-17 Mind Resources Pty Ltd
132737 To provide independent advise on the proposed community and other health services assessment $10,000.00Commonwealth Grants Commission 2008-10-01 Australian National University