Contract Dashboard

3425251 Supply of information technology equipment $11,000.00Australian Federal Police 2017-05-18 Signet Group International Pty Ltd
3425252 Provision of cloud services $42,130.00Australian Federal Police 2017-05-23 Noggin Pty Ltd
3425256 Supply of printing and advertising installation $49,999.99Australian Federal Police 2017-05-23 Outdoor Media Association Inc
3425257 Supply of laboratory consumables $27,073.77Australian Federal Police 2017-05-18 Life Technologies Australia Pty Ltd
3425261 Provision of training and travel services $36,828.76Australian Federal Police 2017-05-19 Babel Street
3425274 Provision of educational services $25,190.00Australian Federal Police 2017-05-19 New Intelligence
3385598-A1 Consultancy for the Upgrade to the ARFMIS environment $60,640.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2016-11-01 Technology One
3424300 Provision of Software Maintenance $68,000.00Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) 2017-05-23 Oakton Services Pty Ltd
3424308 Provision of ICT Security Services $46,200.00Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) 2017-05-09 Cordelta Pty Ltd
3424311 Provision of consultancy services $37,787.00Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) 2017-05-02 Predicate Partners