Contract Dashboard

3425716 Medical Governance Training $13,455.00Department of Defence 2017-05-01 HEALTHCARE TRAINING SERVICE
3425717 Provision of cleaning services East/North Bandiana $10,074.04Department of Defence 2017-05-02 SPOTLESS FACILITY SERVICES PTY LTD
3425718 EIU Subscription $39,863.75Department of Defence 2017-03-03 ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT,
3425721 Infrastructure Hosting Services $1,817,747.80Department of Defence 2017-05-25 LEIDOS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3425723 C2 Concepts Future studies $325,584.72Department of Defence 2017-05-25 THE MITRE CORPORATION
3425726 ICT Business Management Cost Modeling Development Services $335,500.00Department of Defence 2017-05-23 CDRU NSW PTY LTD
3425727 Objective Centralised Information Activity $464,049.30Department of Defence 2017-05-29 LEIDOS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3425728 Infrastructure Hosting Services $7,664,247.28Department of Defence 2017-05-24 LEIDOS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3425731 Strategic Procurement and Quality Assurance $183,189.99Department of Defence 2017-05-23 MORETON ADVISORY PTY LTD
3425733 Software maintenance $32,483.00Department of Defence 2017-05-22 WOLLEMI SYSTEMS PTY LTD