Contract Dashboard

3607362-A1 Clinincal Safety Program support services $1,766,641.00Australian Digital Health Agency 2019-06-20 AUSTRALIAN COMMISSION ON SAFETY AND QUALITY IN HEALTH CARE
3538839-A2 Medical Advice Services $275,000.00Australian Digital Health Agency 2018-06-22 Department of Health and Human Services (VIC)
3538996-A1 Clinical Document management Services $1,490,000.00Australian Digital Health Agency 2015-11-10 Department of Health QLD
3612642 Project Management $3,685,000.00Australian Digital Health Agency 2019-06-05 eHealth NSW (DoH NSW)
3603852 MOU - Police checks $69,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2019-07-17 Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission
3603066 Pre-poll premises lease extension $10,120.00Australian Electoral Commission 2019-04-25 Juerg T & Claudia Wehrli
3523933-A1 Lease office accommodation - NT State Office $730,569.68Australian Electoral Commission 2018-08-01 Randazzo Investments atf ACG Unit Trust
3600904-A1 Pre-poll premises hire $34,630.36Australian Electoral Commission 2019-04-24 Michalis Holdings Pty Ltd atf the Michalis Family Trust
3611820 2019-20 Annual Premium $307,060.95Australian Electoral Commission 2019-07-01 Comcover
3405557-A1 Lease for office accommodation- Divison of Aston $287,531.34Australian Electoral Commission 2017-09-01 Property Wholesalers of Australia Pty Ltd as trustee for The Knox Unit Trust