Contract Dashboard

3617167-A1 Electronics Technician $82,831.90Geoscience Australia 2019-07-09 HKM Solutions Pty Ltd
3566385-A1 Temporary Personnel - EFTF Web services Geoscientist $504,028.00Geoscience Australia 2018-10-30 Chandler Macleod Group Limited
3625796-A1 Procurement Strategist $290,290.00Geoscience Australia 2019-07-04 TPandG SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3634814 Secure Internet Gateway Services $2,888,899.20Geoscience Australia 2018-07-01 MACQUARIE TELECOM PTY LIMITED
3635332 Increasing return on investment from canola seed through improved establishment - Program 1 $1,760,000.00Grains Research and Development Corporation 2019-07-01 CSIRO
3625991-A1 Software maintenance and support $1,786,082.04IP Australia 2019-08-23 Data#3 Limited
3442871-A5 Quality Review System $963,360.65IP Australia 2013-05-22 Certainedge Pty Ltd
3619815-A1 Legal Services $47,140.18IP Australia 2019-08-13 Ashurst Australia
3633960 Financial Business Partner $157,648.46IP Australia 2019-10-08 Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia)
3633956 Temporary Personnel Services - JEE Developer $249,364.50IP Australia 2019-11-01 Canberra Consulting Pty Ltd