Contract Dashboard

3428530 Masters of Engineering Reliability $673,560.38Department of Defence 2017-05-26 RMIT UNIVERSITY
3428531 RF equipment $12,490.50Department of Defence 2017-05-26 SCIENTIFIC DEVICES AUSTRALIA P/L
3428532 B300 AIRCRAFT LEASE $1,675,637.83Department of Defence 2017-05-25 HAWKER PACIFIC PTY LTD
3428533 Software maintenance $58,210.98Department of Defence 2017-05-25 SEVENCS GMBH
3428535 Black Magazines $184,800.00Department of Defence 2017-05-23 THALES
3428536 Contractor Services $125,326.71Department of Defence 2017-05-23 QINETIQ PTY LTD
3428538 Education and Training Services $16,643.00Department of Defence 2017-05-23 BLACKTREE TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3428539 Transition and remediation Program Manager $1,229,750.01Department of Defence 2017-05-23 BMT DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3428541 Maintenance & Repairs $127,291.84Department of Defence 2017-05-23 BOSCH AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE SOLUTIONS
3428542 Emergency Light $236,475.80Department of Defence 2017-05-23 SUPER GLOBAL SERVICES PTY LTD