Contract Dashboard

3548763-A5 HEALTH PRODUCT PORTAL $2,130,094.47Department of Health 2018-05-14 Datacom Systems (AU) Pty Ltd
3614128 Renewal of Research Databases $129,927.80Department of Home Affairs 2019-07-01 EBSCO INFORMATION SERVICES (USD)
3614161 EM-Link enhancement for the CCC $10,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2019-03-01 GEOSCIENCE AUSTRALIA
3614133 Venue Hire and Catering $54,493.00Department of Home Affairs 2019-09-30 CROWN MELBOURNE LIMITED
3441209-A2 Attendance on Leadership courses 2017 - 2017 $3,264,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2017-07-01 AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIO
3614135 Secure Storage of ICT Electrical Assets $40,986.00Department of Home Affairs 2019-07-01 SECURE BITS PTY LTD
3614136 Telecommunication services $16,060.00Department of Home Affairs 2019-07-10 TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED
3614159 Pacific Maritime Domain Awareness Workshop $49,611.49Department of Home Affairs 2019-09-08 BG HOTELS CAIRNS PTY LTD
468125-A8 Education Services for Minors - South Australia $27,871,631.90Department of Home Affairs 2012-01-01 CPM DEPT EDUCATION & CHILDRENS SERV
3614160 Hosting & maintenance EM-Link FSDF link $38,178.50Department of Home Affairs 2019-07-01 GEOSCIENCE AUSTRALIA