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3524097-A1 Tactical crop agronomy for selected crops in the northern region (safflower, linseed, sunflower) $494,978.00Grains Research and Development Corporation 2017-04-01 New South Wales Department of Primary Industry
3521946-A1 Postdoctoral position interfacing crop improvement and agronomy/nutrition programs $566,320.70Grains Research and Development Corporation 2018-05-30 University of Queensland
3524086-A1 A platform to interpret soil attributes to support profitable farming systems $522,500.00Grains Research and Development Corporation 2017-06-10 University of Sydney
3524088-A1 Post-doctoral Fellowship - An integrative approach towards sustainabl management of sorghum stalk rot in the GRDC northern region $572,306.90Grains Research and Development Corporation 2018-07-01 University of Southern Queensland
3524095-A1 Quantifying the effectiveness of cover crops as a means of increased water infiltration and reduced evaporation in the northern region $1,650,000.00Grains Research and Development Corporation 2017-05-01 University of Southern Queensland
1019811-A2 Communication site licence agreement - WA $322,367.43Australian Federal Police 2013-01-01 Vertical Telecoms Pty Limited
209761-A44 Managed Network Services Contract includes Telephony, Data, Video Conferencing and Contact Centre activities. $968,978,092.89Australian Taxation Office 2009-06-16 Optus Networks Pty Ltd
2377442-A9 Provision of ICT security specialist services $1,674,001.00Australian Federal Police 2014-07-01 Innovative Business Computing Pty Limited
1739301-A7 Preventative & Reactive of Building Maintenance & infrastructure - Christmas Island $37,115,305.87Department of Home Affairs 2013-06-29 C.I. MAINTENANCE SERVICES PTY LTD
151320-A15 Telecommunications Services $11,037,408.55Australian Electoral Commission 2008-12-09 Optus Networks Pty Ltd