Contract Dashboard

3529223 Gun replacement $32,286.12Department of Defence 2018-07-26 THALES AUSTRALIA
3529224 Lightening of J3 RHIB $21,227.90Department of Defence 2018-07-26 SERCO DEFENCE
3529225 Raw steel for machining $12,532.79Department of Defence 2018-07-19 EDCON STEEL PTY LTD
3529227 Radar Repairs $15,341.04Department of Defence 2018-07-26 LOCKHEED MARTIN AUSTRALIA ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3529228 Conference facilities for International Working Group $11,319.98Department of Defence 2018-11-12 RENEWAL SA
3529232 Project Support Services $132,000.01Department of Defence 2018-07-30 AERO PM PTY. LTD.
3529233 Force protection equipment $342,453.70Department of Defence 2018-07-31 THALES AUSTRALIA
3529234 Training on FPECM $32,641.10Department of Defence 2018-07-31 LEONARDO MW LTD
3529236 Ipads $29,793.40Department of Defence 2018-04-12 MACFIXIT AUSTRALIA
3529205 RAAF Technical Publications $586,004.88Department of Defence 2018-08-01 FMS ACCOUNT RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA