Contract Dashboard

3564408 Subscription $13,227.50Fair Work Commission 2019-01-09 NATIONWIDE NEWS PTY LTD
3564410 Agency staff $20,625.00Fair Work Commission 2018-12-20 CKI GROUP PTY LTD
3563839 Pacific Judicial Strenthening Initiative Accommodation, conference and catering facilities $23,437.80Federal Court of Australia 2018-12-18 Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel Ltd
3563863 Library Services: Heads of agrement for Lexis Nexis NSW AGD Consortium $3,796,848.07Federal Court of Australia 2018-11-30 NSW Deparment of Justice
3564147 Investigation ad review report $10,000.00Federal Court of Australia 2019-01-07 CPM Review Pty Ltd
3564172 Lease of Premises $29,680.00Federal Court of Australia 2018-10-01 Capricorn Colour Copy Centre Pty Ltd
3564376 Software $35,200.00Fair Work Commission 2018-12-06 KLOUD SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3564379 Employment services $10,000.00Fair Work Commission 2018-12-07 GAREN CREST PTY LTD
3564381 Agency staff $32,144.96Fair Work Commission 2018-12-10 HAYS SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT (AUST) PTY LTD
3564388 Digital prints $11,254.00Fair Work Commission 2018-12-11 FAIRFAX MEDIA GROUP FINANCE PTY LTD