Contract Dashboard

3534594 Mobile Platform $26,000.00Future Fund Management Agency 2018-08-17 Blackberry Singapore Pte. Limited
3535533 Landsat Processor Maintenance and Support 2018/19 $62,000.00Geoscience Australia 2018-07-01 Pinkmatter Solutions
3534062 Contractor Fees $61,419.60Future Fund Management Agency 2018-07-31 TwoScots Recruitment Pty Ltd
3534763 Placement Fee $26,302.68Future Fund Management Agency 2018-08-20 The Specialist Recruitment Group Pty Ltd
3535531 SeisComP3 -Yearly licenses and maintenance 18/19 FY $60,850.54Geoscience Australia 2018-07-01 Gempa Gmbh
3534368 Contractor Fees $282,975.00Future Fund Management Agency 2018-08-06 Premium IT Recruitment Pty Ltd
3535104 Contractor Fees $17,587.35Future Fund Management Agency 2018-08-23 Ambition Recruit Pty Ltd
3535529 TimeScale Creator Pro Visualization Program $10,000.00Geoscience Australia 2017-07-01 Geologic TimeScale Foundation, Inc
3535530 IBM WoFG Licencing Arrangement $180,000.00Geoscience Australia 2018-07-01 Digital Transformation Agency
3535368 Premise Pty Ltd- Fire Engineering Services for ReefHQ $12,760.00Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority 2018-07-01 Premise Pty Ltd