Contract Dashboard

3283454-A1 Travel Management Services $618,565.00Department of the Treasury 2015-07-01 QBT Pty Ltd
3064742-A2 Relocation and Removalist Services $52,800.01Department of the Treasury 2015-04-27 Allied Pickfords Business Relocatio
3471589-A6 Building Construction Support, Maintenance, Repairs & Maint $4,691,838.54Department of the Treasury 2017-10-09 Rork Projects
3503747-A3 Business Administration Services $263,791.22Department of the Treasury 2018-04-26 Compas Pty Ltd
2802342-A2 Provision of Managed Print Services $4,710,032.80Department of the Treasury 2012-06-18 CSG Enterprise Print Services
3317517-A1 Software maintenance $37,328.50Department of the Treasury 2016-01-18 AcronymIT Pty Ltd
3614373 Accommodation Program Management Services $1,969,805.00Department of the Treasury 2017-10-16 AOT Group Limited
3613817 Software as a Service $41,009.20Department of the Treasury 2019-07-05 Security Shift Cloud Pty Ltd (t/a Cloud Central)
3613820 SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT $222,799.50Department of the Treasury 2019-07-19 AcronymIT Pty Ltd
3613818 COMPUTERS $140,000.00Department of the Treasury 2019-07-18 HP PPS Australia PL