Contract Dashboard

3543332 ICT Servers $368,237.76Department of Defence 2018-09-01 HEWLETT-PACKARD ENTERPRISE T/A HEWLETT PACKARD AUSTRALIA
3543333 Accomodation for CDF/Panglima Vists - High Level Committee Meeting $15,502.50Department of Defence 2018-07-24 LARRY SWINDELLS SPECIALISED TRANSPORT SERVICES PTY LTD
3543259 Disposal of Ship's Cradles $45,217.98Department of Defence 2018-10-01 AUSTAL SHIPS PTY LTD
3543335 Terrago Publisher for ARCGIS SW Renewal $15,335.66Department of Defence 2018-08-31 TERRAGO TECHNOLOGIES, INC.!DBA TERRAGO TECHNOLOGIES!DIV TERRAGO
3543337 Software Purchase $658,612.68Department of Defence 2018-08-31 CLOUDERA INC
3543338 SW Purchase Jetbrains $15,155.02Department of Defence 2018-08-31 JETBRAINS S.R.O.
3543339 Software Purchase $39,135.33Department of Defence 2018-08-31 DATA 3 GROUP
3543342 Online Book Subscription $12,165.20Department of Defence 2018-08-30 SAFARI BOOKS ONLINE, LLC
3543344 Baseline Configuration audit $204,205.33Department of Defence 2018-09-01 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD
3543348 Secure storage $13,448.60Department of Defence 2018-08-01 YALLOURN STREET STORAGE