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3559855 Lynda Enterprise subscription $38,500.00Geoscience Australia 2018-10-26 Linkedin Singapore Pte Ltd
3559856 Oracle Database Appliance $150,213.17Geoscience Australia 2018-11-26 Red Rock Consulting
3559858 Secondment Agreement - Community Engagement Consultant $151,579.00Geoscience Australia 2018-10-10 DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRY INNOVATION AND SCIENCE
3559859 2019 Technology Access Renewal $410,544.82Geoscience Australia 2019-01-01 Schlumberger Australia Pty Ltd
3559860 Supply and maintenance of indoor plants $64,464.00Geoscience Australia 2017-09-15 ANDREW DIMOFF DISCRETIONARY TRUST T/A Instyle Indoor Plant Hire
3559862 Google Maps Platform Enterprise Package $16,940.00Geoscience Australia 2018-12-22 NGIS Australia Pty Ltd
3559863 IBRS Advisory Services Renewal for 2019 $32,670.00Geoscience Australia 2019-01-01 INTELLIGENT BUSINESS RESEARCH SERVICES PTY LTD
3559865 Repairs to the XRF $11,702.79Geoscience Australia 2018-12-04 BRUKER PTY LTD
3559867 Oracle Extended Support - Exadata - 6229207 $57,320.60Geoscience Australia 2019-01-14 ORACLE CORPORATION AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED T/A Oracle Corporation
3562396 Southgate Lease $3,110,676.92IP Australia 2019-02-01 The Trust Company Limited