Contract Dashboard

3529331 ICT staff - temporary contract - SharePoint administration $90,989.25Productivity Commission 2018-07-27 Dixon Appointments Pty Ltd
3447250-A1 - Internal Audit Services. - 2 x 1 year optional extensions. $795,000.00Tourism Australia 2017-07-01 Ernst & Young
3494376-A1 Lease and Rental of Property or Building $2,215,887.44Department of the Treasury 2018-01-01 Investa Asset Management PL
3450935-A1 ComCover Insurance Premiums 17/18 $340,000.00Department of the Treasury 2017-07-01 DOFD - Official Dept Comcover Receipts A
3509084-A1 Business Administration Services $144,000.00Department of the Treasury 2018-05-02 Amazon Web Services Inc
3392049-A3 Integrated Logistic Support Services Specialist Consultants $733,130.49Department of Defence 2016-11-24 KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT PTY LTD
3444537-A1 Management Support Services $132,375.00Department of the Treasury 2017-01-16 Allens
3395898-A2 ICT Contractor Services $696,784.01Department of Home Affairs 2017-01-01 FINITE GROUP APAC PTY LTD
3396794-A2 Upgrade to Tactical Air Defence Radar System $12,491,211.15Department of Defence 2016-12-16 LOCKHEED MARTIN AUSTRALIA ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3499009-A1 Management Advisory Services $110,000.00Department of the Treasury 2017-12-15 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation