Contract Dashboard

3566174 Cardboard polling equipment design $43,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2019-02-07 Speciality Packaging Group Pty Ltd
3436733-A1 Provision of maintenance and supply $380,000.00Australian Federal Police 2017-07-01 Atos (Australia) Pty Ltd
3569964 Provision of legal services $13,200.00Australian Federal Police 2018-11-30 Graham John Robinson
3569965 Provision of temporary personnel services $65,000.00Australian Federal Police 2019-02-05 Zoom Recruitment & Training Pty Ltd
3569966 Provision of business services $75,391.00Australian Federal Police 2019-02-26 Rodney Smith
3569967 Provision of training services $75,000.00Australian Federal Police 2019-01-30 People Measures Pty Ltd
3569033 Engagement of CPM Reviews for investigation services. $12,000.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2019-01-14 CPM Reviews Pty Ltd
3569045 Temporary personnel to complete project work on the Export Control Bill. $181,912.50Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2019-02-04 Gillian Beaumont Recruitment Pty Limited
3569114 Temporary personnel to assit with delivery of a biosecurity workforce knowledge project. $89,764.40Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2019-01-31 Peoplebank Australia Limited
3569127 Engagement of IT contractor for business analyst activities. $130,000.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2019-01-29 Emanate Technology Pty Ltd