Contract Dashboard

3495980 Delivery of 3 days of Team Building training for B Individual HBDI profiles for all participants $19,099.30Administrative Appeals Tribunal 2018-03-19 BRAINPOWER TRAINING P/L
3495981 Security Design and Construction $184,690.00Administrative Appeals Tribunal 2018-03-19 INTEC 1 PTY LTD
3495982 Multiple IT assets $13,239.60Administrative Appeals Tribunal 2018-03-20 ETHAN GROUP PTY LTD
3495983 Carbon Black Protect License $251,857.76Administrative Appeals Tribunal 2018-03-26 DIMENSION DATA AUSTRALIA P/L
3495985 Approved variations to Colliers design project $412,850.90Administrative Appeals Tribunal 2018-03-28 COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL PROJECT SERV
3495988 Technical upgrade to SAP $330,616.00Administrative Appeals Tribunal 2018-03-29 SOUTHERN CROSS COMPUTING
3495989 Record management consultancy service $70,300.00Administrative Appeals Tribunal 2018-04-05 RECORDKEEPING INNOVATION
3497389 IT Servers and Associated Services $386,434.40Attorney-General's Department 2018-04-06 Datacom Systems (ACT) Pty Ltd
3497390 Hardware - Laptops $84,854.00Attorney-General's Department 2018-04-18 Dell Computer Limited
3497502 Temporary Contract - Network Engineer $81,312.00Austrade 2018-03-26 Correct Communication Pty Ltd