Contract Dashboard

3452077 Safety Equipment $14,933.60Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2017-08-23 Aquaterro
3452078 Relocation Services $15,774.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2017-08-25 BALFRAN REMOVALS
3452079 Media Services $10,000.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2017-08-28 AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATED PRESS PL
3452080 Licence Renewal $38,496.15Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2017-08-29 CBIT Pty Limited
3306636-A1 Lease for office accommodation – Division of McEwen $207,027.62Australian Electoral Commission 2015-12-01 D P & D J Lawrence
3442532 Population and enrolment projections $54,320.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-07-20 Australian Bureau of Statistics
3451156 Lease accommodation - Division of Jagajaga $131,340.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-11-01 William Sang Fong & Lexie Sang Fong as the Trustee for W & L Fong Family Trust
3451157 Lease accommodation - Division of Calwell $174,961.91Australian Electoral Commission 2017-10-01 Erica Lane Pty Ltd
3451158 Lease accommodation - Division of Bendigo $105,926.50Australian Electoral Commission 2018-02-01 Aljoy Investments Pty Ltd as Trustee for The Allan Valentine Family Trust
3450611 Lease office accommodation - Division of Banks $133,369.20Australian Electoral Commission 2018-05-01 Stonybridge Holdings Pty Ltd