Contract Dashboard

3521195 Long Range Air Search Radar Replacement $3,623,760.80Department of Defence 2017-01-27 SAAB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3521196 Long Air Search Radar Replacement $22,154.91Department of Defence 2017-09-27 CEA TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3521198 Supply Fibre wrapped steel cylinders $864,404.99Department of Defence 2018-07-06 JAMES FISHER AUSTRALIA T/A JFD
3521199 Rolling Hull Survey $50,252.40Department of Defence 2018-06-20 ATLANTIC & PENINSULA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3521201 Storage of Non-Codified Items $61,974.00Department of Defence 2018-07-02 SUPER GLOBAL SERVICES PTY LTD
3521203 Engineering support $715,708.06Department of Defence 2017-07-01 NAHEMA
3521204 Training Services for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) $168,568.33Department of Defence 2018-06-27 XTEK LIMITED
3521205 Procurement of torque testers $38,671.60Department of Defence 2018-07-06 NORBAR TORQUE TOOLS PTY LTD
3521206 Target Aerial Assembly $409,224.14Department of Defence 2018-07-03 MEGGITT DEFENSE SYSTEMS, INC.
3521207 Installation of Non Directional Beacon $32,483.33Department of Defence 2018-06-25 INDRA AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED