Contract Dashboard

3518450 Additional data set - National Aged Care Workforce - Home Care and Home Support $44,000.00Department of Health 2018-06-22 THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE
3517901 Provision of Technical advice $308,495.00Department of Health 2018-06-25 Australian Healthcare Associates
3518453 Behavioural Economics training $23,925.00Department of Health 2018-06-18 A.C.N. 613 066 541 PTY LTD
3518452 Additional data set - 2016 National Aged Care Workforce data - Residential Care $44,000.00Department of Health 2018-06-22 THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE
3441602-A1 Citizen Space Online Consultation $121,000.00Department of Health 2017-07-01 Delib Australia Pty Ltd
3468866-A1 Undertake additional cancer screening research activities $298,960.00Department of Health 2017-10-18 Australian Institute of Health and
3518467 Nanodrop microvolume spectrophotometer $13,557.50Department of Health 2018-06-29 Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia
3518685 Labour Hire $39,507.00Department of Health 2018-06-30 ON Q RECRUITMENT PTY LTD
3518686 Labour Hire $37,307.00Department of Health 2018-06-25 CHEMSKILL
3517128 Neo4j Proof of concept $30,000.00Department of Education and Training 2018-02-21 BUSINESS ASPECT