Contract Dashboard

3471498 IT HARDWARE $24,458.50Royal Australian Mint 2017-11-06 ETHAN GROUP
3471502 SOFTWARE LICENCE RENEWAL $25,864.33Royal Australian Mint 2017-11-06 DIMENSION DATA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3470228 Dynamics 365 Proof of Concept $20,975.02Department of Education and Training 2017-11-20 VERITEC PTY LTD
3470229 Function and capability reciew $28,902.00Department of Education and Training 2017-10-18 BULL AND BEAR SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS P
3469871 Temporary Personnel $35,000.00Department of Education and Training 2017-11-21 SYNERGY GROUP AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3470101 Venue hire & meeting facilities $32,000.00Department of Social Services 2018-05-16 Dockside Waterfront Conventions Trust
3471202 Recording Equipment $13,150.50Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman 2017-11-23 TPR Systems
3425438-A2 Customer Relation Management System and Implementation Services $190,027.19Department of Finance 2017-04-28 Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd
3471127 Lightweight Side Drums 50% Deposit $22,401.50Department of Defence 2017-11-16 KENTVILLE DRUMS
3471128 Appsense 1 year Software, Support and Maintenance $43,061.83Department of Defence 2017-11-16 APPSENSE