Contract Dashboard

3556339 TTNT and MADL Information sessions $68,658.63Department of Defence 2019-04-29 EDYNAMIC.COM, INC.!DBA TONEX
3556341 Training - Development of Logic and High Performance Computing Courses $165,000.00Department of Defence 2018-11-01 ANU
3556351 Provision of spare parts $96,784.92Department of Defence 2018-11-02 NIOA TRADING
3556353 Manufacturing $328,502.47Department of Defence 2018-11-30 ULTRA ELECTRONICS AVALON SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3556357 Aircraft maintenance and repair services $161,947.74Department of Defence 2018-12-03 AIRBUS GROUP AUSTRALIA PACIFIC LIMITED
3556366 Automatic Identification System Installation $35,569.91Department of Defence 2018-12-03 JN TAYLOR & CO. LTD
3556370 Maintenance, Logistics and Engineering Support $3,811,334.85Department of Defence 2013-06-25 AIRBUS GROUP AUSTRALIA PACIFIC LIMITED (GOVERNMENTAL HELICOPTERS)
3383585-A1 Server Room Lease for Computer $1,559,774.82Department of Defence 2016-10-13 THALES AUSTRALIA
3546039-A1 Aircraft Maintenance. $55,921.47Department of Defence 2018-10-08 SIKORSKY HELITECH
3556796 Helmets Safety $10,039.70Department of Defence 2018-09-06 J. BLACKWOOD AND SON PTY LTD