Contract Dashboard

3634647 Purchase of stores. $18,987.41Department of Defence 2019-10-01 SKF AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3635045 Mobile Tactical Wide Area Networking Obsolescence Treatment and ECP Stage 2 $811,563.02Department of Defence 2019-10-17 THALES AUSTRALIA LTD
3635019 Repair LA-5/PEQ, Transmitter, Laser... $10,947.73Department of Defence 2019-10-16 L-3 OCEANIA
3634664 Corrosion Preventive Compound $15,787.20Department of Defence 2019-09-30 AEROSPACE COMPOSITES PTY LTD
3634569 Military Equipment Repairs $42,014.16Department of Defence 2019-10-01 THALES AUSTRALIA
3505945-A2 Test Drivers and Technician Support $3,566,877.89Department of Defence 2018-05-14 FORTBURN PTY LTD
3635040 Annual licence renewal $27,216.00Department of Defence 2019-11-01 NAVICO NORWAY AS
3634597 Truck Repair $13,448.48Department of Defence 2019-09-30 DC SERVICES (NQ) PTY LTD
3634636 Kit Service $11,539.99Department of Defence 2019-09-30 SAAB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3635108 Computer Equipment $205,487.70Department of Defence 2019-10-14 DIMENSION DATA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD