Contract Dashboard

3468129 Engagement of an External Service Provider for Project Support $317,168.97Department of Defence 2017-08-31 NOVENTUS PTY LTD
3468130 Repair and Maintenance of Aircraft $15,914.75Department of Defence 2017-11-08 AIR7000 P8 POSEIDON
3468133 Provision of Office Space and Information Technology (IT) $128,854.12Department of Defence 2017-09-01 JACOBS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3468137 Satellite Systems Expert Support $366,071.20Department of Defence 2017-10-12 NOVA DEFENCE PTY LTD
3468138 Weapon Spares $11,829.38Department of Defence 2017-11-07 FN HERSTAL
3468111 Spare parts $21,269.79Department of Defence 2017-06-01 TAE GAS TURBINES PTY LTD
3468116 Aquisition Contact for DMO Land 121 PH38 Vehicles $1,827,596.71Department of Defence 2017-10-26 RHEINMETALL MAN MILITARY VEHICLES
3468120 Freight Services $56,640.88Department of Defence 2015-09-02 TNT DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL
3468122 Aircraft Spares $2,672,317.03Department of Defence 2016-01-27 AIR7000 P8 POSEIDON
3468108 Spare parts $17,362.45Department of Defence 2017-06-30 TAE GAS TURBINES PTY LTD