Contract Dashboard

1019791-A1 Communication site licence agreement - WA $58,264.23Australian Federal Police 2013-01-01 Vertical Telecoms Pty Ltd
3498932-A1 Provision of survey services $129,250.00Australian Federal Police 2018-03-09 Woolcott Research Pty Ltd
3530195 Provision of security guarding services $42,500.00Australian Federal Police 2018-07-01 MSS Security Pty Limited
3530199 Provision of strategic architectural services $224,400.00Australian Federal Police 2018-07-12 The Citadel Group Limited
3530201 Provision of finacial management services $78,210.00Australian Federal Police 2018-07-23 Callida Pty Ltd
3530202 Provision of program manager services $384,208.00Australian Federal Police 2018-06-29 Clarius Group Limited
3529923 Ivanti $35,635.60Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-09-05 Data#3 Limited
3529925 Cisco Security Enterprise Licence Agreement $934,433.50Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-07-27 Data#3 Limited
3529929 Asset Disposal $25,673.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-07-31 Communications Design and Management CDM
3373792-A2 Provision of enterprise architecture services $1,015,248.96Australian Federal Police 2016-09-19 Peoplebank Australia Ltd