Contract Dashboard

3581645 ARISON Software $39,138.76Department of Defence 2019-03-29 DIMENSION DATA AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3581650 Transportation of SQN assets for AIA19 $48,372.50Department of Defence 2019-02-19 SIMON NATIONAL CARRIERS
3581651 Quality control and management software $42,905.28Department of Defence 2019-04-01 FAST TRACK (AUST) PTY LTD
3581653 Laboratory Oven $14,179.00Department of Defence 2019-03-29 STERIDIUM PTY LTD
3581654 Electronic Test Equipment $20,491.90Department of Defence 2019-03-29 OLYMPUS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3581655 NDI Test Probes $10,980.20Department of Defence 2019-03-29 OLYMPUS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3581656 CATERING $17,728.12Department of Defence 2019-02-18 INTERNATIONAL IN-FLIGHT CATERING LTD
3581657 Alerting to the public of road closures - Stuart Highway & WPA area - EX Blue Lion $12,602.91Department of Defence 2018-09-17 UNIVERSAL MCCANN
3581659 Systems Thinking Training $50,490.00Department of Defence 2019-03-26 UNSW@ADFA
3581660 Cut and Polish of Sandstone $24,750.00Department of Defence 2019-03-29 LODGE BROS