Contract Dashboard

3505576 Replacement of faulty backbone fibre $44,801.35Department of Defence 2018-05-07 L S ELECTROCOM PTY LTD
3505578 Network Hardware $71,177.70Department of Defence 2018-05-07 CRB SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3505580 CUE Demonstrator Kit Phase 2 $42,870.08Department of Defence 2018-05-07 MYRIOTA PTY. LTD.
3505582 Defence Ontology Training $15,099.00Department of Defence 2018-05-18 BARBADOR PTY LIMITED
3505585 Server Hardware $126,752.74Department of Defence 2018-05-07 HEWLETT-PACKARD ENTERPRISE
3505587 Height Adjustable Tables, frame only $19,442.50Department of Defence 2018-05-07 MODULAR COMPONENTS AND AUTOMATION
3505593 Personal Efficiency Program Joint Logistics Unit South $14,872.00Department of Defence 2018-04-19 PEP WORLDWIDE
3493564-A2 Morgy's Glider Works provide regular inspections a nd maintenance on CB-AF gliders $79,999.99Department of Defence 2018-03-24 MORGY'S GLIDER WORKS PTY LTD
3505599 Provision of Covered Walkway for use by Naval Trainees $28,047.80Department of Defence 2018-03-16 ALLSHELTER PTY LTD
3505601 UAV Challenge Event Sponsorship $27,500.00Department of Defence 2018-05-14 QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF