Contract Dashboard

3479247-A1 Project management - foreign technical assistance $143,270.00Department of Home Affairs 2017-12-22 Anagha Joshi
2616622-A7 Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS Programme) $105,491,548.48Department of Home Affairs 2014-09-01 SETTLEMENT SERVICES INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED
3530337 International removal and storage for Counsellor in Mexico $21,206.87Department of Education and Training 2018-08-02 SIRVA PTY LTD
3529061 Participating Agency Contribution - National Security College $41,250.00Department of Finance 2018-07-01 Australian National University
3529062 Data Analysis $22,000.00Department of Finance 2018-06-22 Australian Bureau of Statistics
3529064 Software support services $42,202.52Department of Finance 2018-06-01 Tier - 3 Pty Ltd
3529065 Physical Security $955,844.52Department of Finance 2018-06-26 Corroboree SNP
3529066 Network hardware $11,812.11Department of Finance 2018-06-14 AFL Telecommunications
3529067 Online training $27,000.00Department of Finance 2018-06-17 CBT Nuggets
3529068 MF Content Manager software $52,252.20Department of Finance 2018-06-13 iCognition Pty Ltd