Contract Dashboard

3623816-A3 Counsellor residential and Chancery 19-20 lease payments $965,000.00Department of Agriculture 2019-11-07 JONES LANG LASALLE (ACT) PTY LIMITED
3640498 Training for Intelligence Practitioners - New Intelligence $34,357.00Department of Agriculture 2019-10-09 INTELLIGENCE PTY LTD
3640485 Spotswood & Torrens Island Remediation - JLL Schedule 12 $94,911.94Department of Agriculture 2019-10-30 JONES LANG LASALLE (ACT) PTY LTD
3640499 NABS SDI Network in Northern Australia $22,000.00Department of Agriculture 2019-10-01 THE TRUSTEE FOR THE WOLUS FAMILY TRUST
3640480 Sitecraft - Bin Lifter modification $15,000.00Department of Agriculture 2019-10-15 BRADLEY GARRETT FAMILY TRUST
3640491 BIIS - Blueworks Cloud Services - RXP $28,650.34Department of Agriculture 2019-09-20 RXP SERVICES LIMITED
3612472-A1 Temporary personnel $40,000.00Department of Agriculture 2019-07-22 HORIZON ONE RECRUITMENT PTY LTD
3537465-A2 Software licencing $337,957.50Department of Agriculture 2018-08-22 Data#3 Limited
3640495 Enhancements to the RFCS Portal $60,000.00Department of Agriculture 2019-10-11 MAGIA SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3640492 2020 Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators Conference $20,000.00Department of Agriculture 2019-10-09 GEMA GROUP HOLDINGS PTY LTD