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3504514 Scoping study for cross-portfolio priorities in children's early years $49,005.00Department of Education and Training 2018-05-07 BETTER INTELLIGENCE
3504516 Research program $78,100.00Department of Education and Training 2018-05-14 UNIVERSITY OF CANBERRA
3506874 Department of Finance Digital Billboards $19,588.43Department of Finance 2018-05-15 Intravision Pty Ltd
3506875 Office fit out work $361,600.43Department of Finance 2018-03-19 RCON Shopfitters and Construction
3506876 Office Fitout Services Perth $128,787.01Department of Finance 2018-04-26 Bluesight Building
3506879 GrantConnect Phase 3 - Construction $160,782.13Department of Finance 2018-05-09 Dept of Finance, Services and
3506880 SEC504 - Security Training $10,500.00Department of Finance 2018-05-08 SANS Institute
3506882 Office Fitout Services Stirling $14,300.00Department of Finance 2018-03-16 Bart de Jong Consulting
3506884 Office Fitout Services Stirling $14,278.00Department of Finance 2018-04-06 Mode Design Corp Pty Ltd
3505379 DRIESS AND CHILLER RATIONS $32,794.57Department of Defence 2018-04-12 BIDFOOD AUSTRALIA