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3547940-A1 Review of Internal Business Rec $29,920.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-10-22 KPMG
3557400-A1 PPSR Microfibre Cloth $13,761.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-12-04 Cubic Promotions Pty Ltd
3562711 New Pallet Racking - Support Building $38,917.00Geoscience Australia 2018-11-27 AUSLAND PROPERTY SERVICES PTY LTD
3562712 Code of Conduct Investigation $26,880.00Geoscience Australia 2018-11-27 CPM Reviews Pty Ltd
3562714 Legal Services $55,000.00Geoscience Australia 2018-11-12 MINTER ELLISON T/A Minter Ellison
3562715 AMEC Sponsorship Agreement 2019 $12,100.00Geoscience Australia 2019-06-05 ASSOCIATION OF MINING AND EXPLORATION COMPANIES INC T/A Association of Mining and Exploration Companies
3547541-A1 Research Services $683,094.00Australian Bureau of Statistics 2018-10-22 ThoughtWorks Australia Pty Ltd
3411080-A5 Preparation of Financial Statements and Lodgement of FBT returns $117,060.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-04-07 Equity Partners Accountants Advisors
3549296-A2 Legal Services $75,000.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-09-03 Australian Government Solicitor
3518583-A1 Senior Applications Developer $208,692.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-06-25 Encore IT Services Pty Ltd