Contract Dashboard

3285218-A3 Legal Services $4,800,000.00Department of Human Services 2015-07-01 Mills Oakley Lawyers
3295446-A8 Design Services Contract Delivery Phase $9,879,718.12Department of Defence 2015-09-17 M3 ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY!CORPORATION!DBA M3
3301037-A9 Procure Protected Mobility Vehicles - Light $991,391,943.84Department of Defence 2015-10-16 THALES AUSTRALIA - BENDIGO LAND & JOINT SYSTEMS
3311186-A3 Provision of Building Construction and Support and Maintenance and Repair Services $806,495.60Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2015-12-10 SYSTROID PTY LTD
3311739-A2 Legal Print Subscriptions (FCA part of NSWGD Consortium) $2,731,136.77Federal Court of Australia 2015-07-01 CCH Australia Ltd
337567-A34 End User Technology & Support (EUTS) Contract - services including desktop computing, office machines (such as faxes and printers) and the supporting back-end infrastructure. $152,658,136.57Australian Taxation Office 2010-09-10 Abacus Innovations Aust P/L (Leidos)
3380727-A2 Vetting Services $1,998,898.90Department of Human Services 2016-07-01 Department of Defence
3410296-A2 Financial and Insurance Services $33,000.00Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2017-03-14 PICKLES AUCTIONS PTY LTD
3414577-A3 ICT Contractor Services Panel $713,020.00Department of Home Affairs 2017-04-10 THE TRUSTEE FOR CLICKS RECRUIT AUST
3422221-A2 ICT Contractor Services $320,764.75Australian Electoral Commission 2017-05-22 GMT Canberra Pty Ltd