Contract Dashboard

3540895 Military Equipment - Repairs $17,936.61Department of Defence 2018-09-04 THALES AUSTRALIA
3540896 Military Equipment New Inventory $69,809.39Department of Defence 2018-09-05 THALES AUSTRALIA
3540897 Lathe Engine and Accessories $35,066.90Department of Defence 2018-09-04 600 MACHINE TOOLS PTY LTD
3540898 Case colour black c/w foam insert $122,356.52Department of Defence 2018-09-04 NIOA NOMINEES PTY LIMITED
3540899 Filter Element Air conditioning $10,981.74Department of Defence 2018-09-07 SAAB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3540900 Receiver-Transmitter Radio $19,354.50Department of Defence 2018-09-07 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA PTY
3540901 Overhaul watercraft turbo's $12,673.89Department of Defence 2018-09-07 TURBOTECH
3540902 Circuit Breakers. $16,622.76Department of Defence 2018-09-07 APS INDUSTRIAL PTY LTD
3540903 Tie down $11,708.55Department of Defence 2018-09-06 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA DEFENCE PT
3540904 Safety Relief Valves. $38,122.70Department of Defence 2018-09-06 BABCOCK PTY LTD