Contract Dashboard

3563726 Project Management Services $109,296.00Department of Health 2018-12-14 Xact Project Consultants Pty Ltd
3540861-A1 Labour Hire $104,800.00Department of Health 2018-09-17 HAYS SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT (AUSTRA
3564441 Long Term Lease Vehicle $10,500.00Department of Home Affairs 2013-12-10 SG FLEET
3564335 Assessments of Health Products Portal and Health Data Portal $147,250.00Department of Health 2018-12-17 Willyama Services Pty Limited
3564342 Labour Hire $129,272.00Department of Health 2019-01-14 PEOPLEBANK AUSTRALIA LTD
3564595 Vehicle Rental Services $270,288.00Department of Health 2018-07-01 Hertz Australia Pty Limited
3563705 Portfolio Review of Project & Program Management Practices $192,500.00Department of Health 2018-12-21 PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS
3563716 Labour Hire $72,600.00Department of Health 2019-01-07 HAYS SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT (AUSTRA
3563709 Health Technology Assessment $44,841.50Department of Health 2018-12-21 Griffith University
3565396 Storage area network $309,055.62Department of the Environment and Energy 2019-01-02 Optus Networks Limited