Contract Dashboard

3566576 Operate and maintain the Australian Air Traffic Management System $7,552,727.46Department of Defence 2019-01-01 AIRSERVICES AUSTRALIA
3566581 Review of rehabilitaion practices $13,065.00Department of Defence 2017-11-06 PROF ALEXANDER MCFARLANE
3566573 Innovation resource $147,483.63Department of Defence 2018-12-10 ACCENTURE AUSTRALIA HOLDINGS LTD
3566583 BaseX tent $53,999.99Department of Defence 2018-12-14 HDT EXPEDITIONARY SYSTEMS, INC.
3564975 Maintenance and support of data dissemination network $4,105,511.03Department of Defence 2018-11-30 TACTICAL SYSTEMS HOLDINGS PTY LTD
3564978 Procurement of Cameras $11,990.00Department of Defence 2019-01-10 NIKON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3564982 DataMart Support $68,200.00Department of Defence 2018-12-20 KNOW YOUR DATA PTY LTD
3564985 Network Hardware $2,316,740.12Department of Defence 2018-12-17 DATA 3 GROUP
3564970 Thermal Imaging Sights $14,427.91Department of Defence 2015-11-30 ELBIT SYSTEMS OF AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3564966 Tyre Maintenance Shelters $277,189.00Department of Defence 2019-01-11 VARLEY GROUP