Contract Dashboard

3371389-A2 Engineering Support $744,194.32Department of Defence 2016-08-09 SMS MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY
3371432-A3 Engineering Support $772,021.50Department of Defence 2016-08-09 FRAZER-NASH CONSULTANCY
3452639-A4 Aircraft Equipment $118,454.16Department of Defence 2017-08-28 HARDCHROME ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3442166-A4 Support services $5,526,234.16Department of Defence 2017-07-01 INSITU PACIFIC PTY LTD
3308171-A2 CH47 Support Services $5,381,598.71Department of Defence 2018-07-01 ROCKWELL COLLINS GLOBAL LOGISTICS!SOLUTIONS LLC!DBA RCGLS!D
984521-A4 Follow on Support Contract for Array Radar $40,047,908.01Department of Defence 2012-10-10 CEA TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
3500700-A2 Maintenance Services $774,273.91Department of Defence 2018-04-16 THALES AUSTRALIA MAJOR PROGRAMS, MINEHUNTER PROJECT
3415121-A10 Diesels In Service Support Contract $126,257,101.38Department of Defence 2017-03-29 PENSKE POWER SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3480678-A5 Warship Asset Management Agreement Program Agree 2 $148,367,842.14Department of Defence 2018-01-01 SAAB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
24949-A15 FFG Spare Support from FMS $36,492,644.67Department of Defence 2005-02-08 FMS ACCOUNT RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA