Contract Dashboard

3602115 Legal subscription $67,018.60Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) 2019-06-28 Reed International Books Australia Pty Limited
3603530 Architectural Design Services—Integration Architect $803,880.00Australian War Memorial 2019-06-11 Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn Pty Ltd
3552023-A1 Contract Labour Hire – Project Manager   $352,800.75Bureau of Meteorology 2018-11-08 Robert Walters Pty Ltd
3577525-A1 Contract Labour Hire - Management Consultant $174,240.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-03-12 Digital Frontier Partners Pty Ltd
3603372 Contract labour hire - Regional end user client support $68,772.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-06-17 Aurec Pty Ltd
3603756 Contract labour hire - U Support for User-centered design $237,999.32Bureau of Meteorology 2019-07-01 Robert Walters Pty Ltd
3603610 Contract labour hire - Senior business analyst $274,031.60Bureau of Meteorology 2019-07-01 Rubik3 Pty Ltd
3603759 Contract labour hire - admin support $277,332.00Bureau of Meteorology 2019-07-01 Aurec Pty Ltd
3603604 Contract labour hire - solution architect $1,295,414.74Bureau of Meteorology 2019-07-01 Rubik3 Pty Ltd
3445699-A2 Software Technical Support $85,078.53Bureau of Meteorology 2017-07-19 Data#3 Limited