Contract Dashboard

3490706-A1 Contractor fees $119,790.00Future Fund Management Agency 2018-03-13 Clarius Group t/a Ignite
3524491 Provision of maintenance and support services $609,771.28Australian Federal Police 2018-06-29 Data #3 Limited.
3524492 Supply of computer equipment and services $126,251.36Australian Federal Police 2018-06-28 EMC Global Holdings Company
3524495 Provision of audit services $17,950.00Australian Federal Police 2018-04-12 Ernst & Young
3484153-A1 Provision of asset management specialists $165,896.00Australian Federal Police 2018-01-09 Callida Pty Ltd
3277432-A1 Provision of role playing services $386,400.00Australian Federal Police 2015-07-01 Tie Interact P/L
3231072-A2 Provision of courier and freight services - estimated spend $2,500,000.00Australian Federal Police 2015-06-29 Star Track Express Pty Limited
3504086-A1 Provision of ICT service management tool $2,708,718.09Australian Federal Police 2018-05-04 Fujitsu Australia Ltd
3443892-A1 Provision of scrum coaching services $594,739.20Australian Federal Police 2017-06-19 Paxus Australia Pty Limited
3335538-A3 Provision of network engineer services $765,358.00Australian Federal Police 2016-04-18 Correct Communications Pty Ltd