Contract Dashboard

3561202 Office Refurbishment Inglewood $11,229.90Department of Finance 2018-12-05 Opra Projects
3562522 International Consultant Independent Strategic Review UNICEF Papua Rural and Remote Education (Indonesia) $80,001.90Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program 2018-10-01 SUE EMMOTT CONSULTING LTD
3562364 Development of the Homelessness Action Plan $328,212.50Department of Health 2018-12-19 THE HOUSING FOR THE AGED ACTION GRO
3562366 Rural and remote supply of diabetes products $170,822.05Department of Health 2018-12-19 Diabetes WA
3562367 Remote and rural supply of diabetes products $61,829.46Department of Health 2018-12-19 Healthly Living NT
3562374 Commercial Support Services $432,256.00Department of Health 2018-12-22 Synergy Group Australia Pty Ltd
3562384 Printing of Indigenous Pilot Resources $11,822.80Department of Health 2018-12-10 PROMINENT PRESS PTY LTD
3300774-A14 Head Contract Services $73,468,272.67Department of Defence 2015-10-15 WATPAC CONSTRUCTION PTY LTD
3316094-A13 Building and Construction services $16,115,137.94Department of Defence 2016-01-07 ST HILLIERS PROPERTY PTY LIMITED
3378399-A3 Medium Works Contractor $3,628,401.51Department of Defence 2016-09-14 SITZLER PTY LTD