Contract Dashboard

3545633 Cvent subscription fees for extra registration for use 2018/2019 - All Education activities. $34,650.00Australian Aged Care Quality Agency 2018-09-18 Cvent Australia Pty Ltd
3471261-A2 Contractor Services $354,387.95Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017-10-16 Makwara Solutions Pty Ltd
3546470 Legal Services - INV2761 PRPO-460 $21,000.00Australian Building and Construction Commission 2018-10-17 LIST A Barristers
3545682 Legal Services - INV29974 PRPO-459 $42,139.30Australian Building and Construction Commission 2018-10-12 Corrs Chambers Westgarth
3545634 Media monitoring Service. $44,404.80Australian Aged Care Quality Agency 2018-09-21 iSentia Pty Ltd
2667652-A4 Provision of website security services $290,000.00Australian Federal Police 2014-10-15 CloudFlare, Inc
3545835 IT Consultancy Services $14,025.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2018-10-02 The Trustee for Neoteric Group
3476723-A1 Mail Services $149,980.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2017-10-19 Decipha Pty Ltd
3546695 Software Enhancement Services $275,000.00Australian Digital Health Agency 2017-08-23 Medinexus Pty Ktd
3546709 Proof of concept Project Management Services $537,138.80Australian Digital Health Agency 2017-07-03 Telstra Corporation Ltd