Contract Dashboard

3442263-A1 Project Management Services $453,530.00Department of Defence 2018-08-03 THE CITADEL GROUP LIMITED
2687901-A4 Software Support and Maintenance. $1,106,206.20Department of Defence 2014-11-07 VASCO DATA SECURITY AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3522649-A1 Sustainment $18,067,777.20Department of Defence 2018-07-04 JAKEMAN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PTY LIMITED
3381058-A3 Microwave Thermal Sterilization Unit $2,381,465.79Department of Defence 2016-09-30 915 LABS
3480742-A1 Defence Childcare Study $34,602.00Department of Defence 2018-01-09 GROSVENOR MANAGEMENT CONSULTING PTY LTD
3505090-A1 MESS ROOF REPLACEMENT $1,292,996.95Department of Defence 2018-05-03 PATTEMORE CONSULTANTS
3539578 Lubricating oil $31,381.20Department of Defence 2018-08-28 BP OIL
3539580 Aeronautical Life Support Equipment $23,543.74Department of Defence 2018-08-31 AERO PARTS AUSTRALIA
3539582 Lubricating oil $13,464.00Department of Defence 2018-08-27 AVIALL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3539583 Catering services $44,136.62Department of Defence 2018-08-27 BAGMAN DISTRIBUTION SERVICES