Contract Dashboard

3465482 GROUND FUEL $18,155.50Department of Defence 2017-10-17 CALTEX AUSTRALIA PETROLEUM P / L
3465683 Purchase of fire resistant hydraulic fluid $80,720.31Department of Defence 2017-10-18 A.S. HARRISON AND CO PTY LIMIT
3465731 Lubricating oil $23,626.35Department of Defence 2017-10-19 VIVA ENERGY AUSTRALIA LTD
3465108 Eglin workforce and facilities $140,424.81Department of Defence 2017-10-17 DMOJSF OFFICIAL AUSTRALIAN ACCOUNT
3465109 Professional Legal Fees $340,867.17Department of Defence 2017-10-25 ASHURST AUSTRALIA
3465117 Professional Legal Services $56,556.50Department of Defence 2017-05-31 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR
3465118 Professional Legal Fees $114,130.18Department of Defence 2017-06-26 SPARKE HELMORE
3465119 Professional Services $220,388.42Department of Defence 2017-10-20 ERNST & YOUNG
3465127 Communications and Systems Engineering Support $10,000.00Department of Defence 2017-10-24 QINETIQ PTY LTD
3465147 Inertial Navigation Systems $21,742.24Department of Defence 2017-09-28 THALES AUSTRALIA