Contract Dashboard

3460958 Provision of Electricity QLD $57,289.70Department of Defence 2017-07-19 RIO TINTO ALUMINIUM WEIPA
3460959 Provision of Gas VIC $89,606.91Department of Defence 2017-07-19 ENERGYAUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3460965 Contractor Support to JNT9101-1 $28,483.40Department of Defence 2017-06-30 CODARRA ADVANCED SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3460966 Contractor support to JNT9101-1 $41,328.05Department of Defence 2017-06-30 QINETIQ PTY LTD
3460968 Thin clients $25,245.00Department of Defence 2017-06-09 OPC IT PTY LTD
3460969 GROUND HANDLING $23,645.84Department of Defence 2017-06-19 MAINAMI KUKO SERVICES CO LTD
3460971 Contractor support to JICA $108,059.60Department of Defence 2017-06-30 NOVA DEFENCE PTY LTD
3460972 Hotel accommodation/meeting rooms $91,811.95Department of Defence 2017-06-22 RADISSON BLU EDWARDIAN VANDERBILT
3460973 PVST - BNE $46,948.24Department of Defence 2017-05-04 QUBE PORTS PTY LTD
3460975 Contractor Support to JNT2030-9 $102,060.00Department of Defence 2017-06-29 AGIS GROUP PTY LTD