Contract Dashboard

3462418 Provision of new air combat capability $6,284,067,617.13Department of Defence 2017-08-14 DMOJSF OFFICIAL AUSTRALIAN ACCOUNT
3462420 Man packs in Support of Land Project $91,139.28Department of Defence 2017-03-23 CHEMRING AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3462427 Personal Protection Equipment $123,167.15Department of Defence 2017-08-08 CRAIG INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS PTY
3462430 Acquisition of aircraft spares $53,940,695.95Department of Defence 2017-08-11 FMS ACCOUNT
3462443 Professional Legal Fees $10,150.00Department of Defence 2017-08-08 HWL EBSWORTH LAWYERS
3462449 Electro Optical Tracking System container re-install $12,257.30Department of Defence 2017-08-09 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA DEFENCE PTY
3462459 Thales repairs $62,699.58Department of Defence 2017-08-09 THALES AUSTRALIA
3462490 SPECIALIST TECHNICAL SERVICES $730,038.10Department of Defence 2017-07-24 LEIDOS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3462491 Ricoh ICAS Training $10,098.00Department of Defence 2017-07-24 RICOH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3462499 Provision of Onwater Boat Support Services $11,770.00Department of Defence 2017-07-24 SERCO DEFENCE