Contract Dashboard

3493092-A1 ICT Services - Automation Software Testers $633,732.00IP Australia 2018-03-12 Revolution IT Pty Ltd
3526289 Quality & Reporting Administration Services $16,800.00IP Australia 2018-07-16 Encore IT Services Pty Ltd
3526293 Infiniti Developer $86,900.00IP Australia 2018-07-09 Dialog Pty Ltd
3439530-A1 Electricity supply - Qld $99,000.00National Archives of Australia 2017-07-01 Energy Australia
3527468 Comcover Insurance Premium 2018-19 $239,464.82National Archives of Australia 2018-07-01 ComCover
3527476 Security Vetting Services 2018-19 $52,750.00National Archives of Australia 2018-07-01 Department of Defence
3527478 Technology One annual maintenance and support $144,872.55National Archives of Australia 2018-07-01 Technology One Pty Ltd
3493056-A1 Provision of multimedia and interactive design, development and production services - Spy Exhibition $101,297.90National Archives of Australia 2018-03-19 The Pod Multimedia Pty Ltd
3527490 VSA Core Desktop licensing annual software assurance $80,521.91National Archives of Australia 2018-07-01 Digital Transformation Agency
3525006 KYANCUTTA Coop 2018/19 $10,926.99Bureau of Meteorology 2018-07-01 Rachael Jane Gray