Contract Dashboard

3462009 Aerospace systems and components and equipment $124,967.23Department of Defence 2017-07-28 AIRBUS GROUP AUSTRALIA PACIFIC
3462010 Training Systems $14,423.61Department of Defence 2017-07-28 LOCKHEED MARTIN AUSTRALIA
3462012 Repair of Circuit Card Assembly $10,518.96Department of Defence 2017-07-27 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION!DBA
3462013 JDAM Red Ring Connector $54,959.58Department of Defence 2017-07-27 EDO MBM TECHNOLOGY LTD
3462014 System follow-on Engineering and Support Services $1,785,752.66Department of Defence 2016-10-27 FMS ACCOUNT
3462015 Material Assurance Services $90,068,734.69Department of Defence 2014-08-01 KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT PTY LTD
3462018 Supply Test Capability Equipment $4,301,676.99Department of Defence 2017-07-26 TELEPHONICS
3462019 Ballistic and Laser Ocular Protection System $635,682.09Department of Defence 2017-07-28 FRONTLINE SAFETY AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3462021 Roof Rail $69,439.43Department of Defence 2017-07-24 SAAB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3462026 Ship sustainment services $2,849,144.10Department of Defence 2017-02-07 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA DEFENCE